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How to Look at Art Without Really Trying

25 July, 2015 (21:31) | Growing Up, Random, Social Commentary, Technology, Work | No comments

“When you go to a museum,” he said, “you look at the painting, observe it, take it in. Then you look down and read the little plaque. Does the picture have meaning before you read the plaque? Does its meaning change because of the plaque?” I wasn’t happy with this contemplation, thinking about how I […]


16 July, 2014 (08:19) | Social Commentary, Work | No comments

“Knock, Knock,” I say, a sly smile on my face. Wide eyes and excited grins greet me from below. “Who’s there?” they chorus. “Eat mop!” “Eat mop who?” “EWW! YOU SAID EAT MY POO!” I yell. They collapse in fits of giggles. The joke is one I learned from a coworker at Eldora. It’s sly, […]

The Magic of Happenstance

21 May, 2014 (19:18) | Work | 3 comments

A funny thing happened on the way to New Zealand. Maybe it wasn’t so funny. I got rejected. Despite five years of training and hard work, two weeks of maddening attempts to be interviewed, and a ski instruction resume I truly feel is worthy of pride, it took less than 48 hours from the time […]

In Search of a Distant Dream

29 April, 2014 (06:45) | Skiing, Work | No comments

My eyes burn. They water, tearing up from the strain. The little red icon just laughs at me, taunting me, creating wrath, hate, fear, mistrust, and all the vices of the universe in my soul. And yet I stare on, hopeful, the icon unwavering in its scorn. — I have this dream. It’s not selfless […]

An Open Letter to Bill Killebrew and Eldora

13 April, 2014 (08:58) | Work | 15 comments

Mr. Killebrew, sir: Today marks the last day of skiing at Eldora Mountain Resort. It also marks the end of my fifth Winter as a ski instructor here. While it somewhat pains me to send this, I feel the need to document how I’m feeling at this point and attempt to offer advice from the […]

The Subtext

1 March, 2014 (07:00) | Philosophy, Skiing, Work | No comments

I lead a charmed life. I work with kids, smiling, laughing, playing for a living. I get to see them rise to the occasion, overcome obstacles, and learn to deal with setbacks. I get to have fun at my job and to make a difference. I deal with kids who have bad home lives, who seek […]


12 December, 2013 (18:26) | Work | 1 comment

I’m a nonbeliever. Nothing you can say or do will convince me otherwise. Time is illusory. And yet, I constantly fall to its whims and fancies. The minutes and hours slip past unnoticed and I’m left wondering what happened to the time. Never is this more true than Winter. My alarm croaks through the dimness […]


22 November, 2013 (12:04) | Skiing, Work | No comments

All is not right with the world. There are plenty of things to which we could attribute this. For instance, it could be the fact that the Philippines is still reeling from the Typhoon (current death count is 5209 people). Or it could be the continued deterioration of the Fukushima nuclear plant damaged in the […]


24 September, 2013 (21:04) | Work | 2 comments

I ache. I don’t even realize I’m staring slack-jawed at the screen until my roommate shakes my shoulder. “Are you alright?” “Yeah, fine, just tired.” I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this tired. For over a week now, I’ve been working ten hour days. I’ve had worse hours, worse work, and less energy before, but for some […]

Sketches of Summer V

6 September, 2013 (09:09) | Sketchbook, Work | 3 comments

For context, read Sketches of Summer I Requested by Isabelle. This is the final set of sketches from the summer. So far this fall, I haven’t been able to draw much at the after-school program. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to collect a few of my favorites, but it’ll be few and far between.

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