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A Pressing Engagement

22 September, 2014 (12:08) | Beer, Travelogue | 1 comment

“Holy…!” “Yeah,” Josh laughs. “That’s some serious bite, huh?” I take another sip of his hard cider. To be honest, it isn’t so much cider anymore as it is an apple wine. The potency is through the roof, the flavor divine, and I can only think about how awesome it would be to try to […]

Incredulous Gratitude

13 January, 2014 (17:56) | Skiing, Social Commentary, Travelogue | No comments

George and Gabe chill in Adirondack chairs at Telluride, day 2 of our short trip. Act natural. Those two words keep running through my head over and over again. Act natural. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just another day, just another amazing, superb, […]

Change Away

5 May, 2011 (09:00) | Travelogue | No comments

I’ve always found that traveling is often the perfect time to try something different. Often, there’s no choice in the matter. Visiting foreign countries and different cultures can foist changes in diet, routine and lifestyle on unsuspecting travelers, if only momentarily. In India, it’s not only difficult to obtain a good old-fashioned burger, it’s socially […]

Double Dutch and Collared Greens

26 October, 2008 (10:35) | Travelogue | No comments

A statue looks over a canal in Amsterdam. For more watery photos of Holland, click here. How can it not seem like paradise? It’s progressive, safe, a high level of education. Its food is wonderful and everything is so… green. To a certain extent, Amsterdam delivers. Its streets are lovely, lined with thin brownstone style […]

Forget Paris

17 October, 2008 (23:54) | Travelogue | No comments

Lyon sparkles at night beneath Fourvière. For more sparkly, glowy pictures of France, click here. It may be hard to believe given that I don’t believe in free will, but I don’t believe in fate or destiny either. It simply doesn’t make sense to me that our lives are truly in our own control, yet […]

Land of a Thousand Sauces

11 October, 2008 (21:17) | Travelogue | No comments

A couple girls relax in the waning summer sun at Cinquantenaire Parc in central Brussels, Belgium. For more golden pictures of Brussels, click here. “Belgium should be known as the land of a thousand sauces,” Guillaume says, dipping his pomme frite into a concoction he’s created. The restaurant he, his wife Martine, and his young […]

Bejt and Switch

9 October, 2008 (22:11) | Travelogue, Women | No comments

A duck lands in the Vltava in Prague. For more splashy pictures of the Czech Republic, click here. There’s a lot about religion I dislike: the sectism, the hatred, the jihads, the hypocrisy, the difficulty in changing any of the doctrines that no longer apply, the literal interpretations. The list could go on for eons. […]

Old World Pragueress

7 October, 2008 (22:43) | Travelogue | 2 comments

Prague from the heights of Prague Castle. For more fortified pictures of Prague, click here. Growing up, veal paprikash was one of my favorite foods. My grandparents used to make it once every visit. My grandfather traces his roots back to Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic and Slovakia thanks to the velvet revolution. For him, […]

East Side Gallery

6 October, 2008 (23:06) | Travelogue | No comments

For more graphic pictures of the East Side Gallery, click here. There were lots of things I saw in Berlin that were worth seeing. Still, the one thing that stuck with me was the East Side Gallery. This post won’t have any commentary or interesting notes. Instead, the artwork of the East Side Gallery stands […]

Dreams of a Unified Berlin

5 October, 2008 (23:00) | Travelogue | No comments

A German eagle, symbol of the fatherland, sits defaced in backlash against the Third Reich in Berlin. For more uberpolitical photos of Germany, click here. “I’m being straight with you and-this is important so pay attention-if you had any other parents, they’d be telling you little lies that would eventually add up to your complete […]

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