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How to Look at Art Without Really Trying

25 July, 2015 (21:31) | Growing Up, Random, Social Commentary, Technology, Work | No comments

“When you go to a museum,” he said, “you look at the painting, observe it, take it in. Then you look down and read the little plaque. Does the picture have meaning before you read the plaque? Does its meaning change because of the plaque?” I wasn’t happy with this contemplation, thinking about how I […]

Beneath the Glass

21 July, 2015 (10:26) | Media, New Media, Social Commentary, Technology | 3 comments

I remember this moment where I was standing on the edge of a car accident watching people be loaded and lifted into the ambulance, watching the tears streaming down the faces of uninjured bystanders and the stern glares of police and emergency workers as I darted back and forth trying to capture it all. I […]

Smart Phone, Stupid User

11 September, 2014 (08:51) | Technology | 2 comments

A little over a month ago, I got a smart phone. Suddenly, the world opened up to me in new and interesting ways, and despite having adopted Smart Phone Luddism for years fearing the repercussions on my life, it’s enabled so many positives that I’m easily eating crow for my anti-smart phone campaigning. One downside […]

Data versus Control

7 November, 2013 (12:59) | Technology | No comments

Apple recently released transparency data. They opened their archives to show exactly what they are and aren’t collecting. While doing so, they also offered the following statement: “Our business does not depend on collecting personal data. We have no interest in amassing personal information about our customers.” At first glance, this is a damning statement […]

Henry VIII and his Touchscreen

5 November, 2013 (12:19) | Technology | No comments

How much easier life would have been for Henry VIII if only he could’ve beheaded his wives with a flick of a finger. Instead, he had to waive that finger in the air, wait for his soldier to apprehend his wives, pay for an executioner (though I would hope he just had one on staff, […]

A Flood of Insecurity

23 August, 2013 (11:30) | Politics, Social Commentary, Technology | 2 comments

They’re listening. Snowden says so. Public records say so. Government bills say so. Respected journalistic sources say so. They are government agencies, places of employ, private firms collecting marketing data. The Internet is a virtual Cookie Monster, and there’s little to nothing we can do about it. I express my anger and outrage with a […]

New Dimensions

19 June, 2013 (12:01) | Technology | No comments

The FORM 1 3D Printer. Instant gratification is kind of nice. Oh, sure, patience and work that pays off is incredibly rewarding too, but there’s nothing quite as visceral as that moment of unwrapping something new, of having a fancy tickled immediately after it hits, while the novelty is still fresh in mind. It’s amazing […]