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The Impurity of Sport

13 October, 2014 (07:52) | Media, Politics, Social Commentary, Sports | 3 comments

Last Spring, I quit football. To be honest, I quit caring about professional sports altogether. I decided I had better and more productive ways to use my time than researching, watching, and discussing institutions that provide me no benefit besides easy conversation fodder. It wasn’t until the third week of the NFL season that someone […]

The Bicycle Thief

23 June, 2014 (06:45) | Philosophy, Social Commentary, Sports | No comments

It’s only two miles, I tell myself as I deposit my dilapidated sandals in the trashcan in front of the post office. The streets are eerily empty as I begin my barefoot march home. Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise. There aren’t many people who want to be out and about after the last bus has […]

In Search of a Distant Dream

29 April, 2014 (06:45) | Skiing, Work | No comments

My eyes burn. They water, tearing up from the strain. The little red icon just laughs at me, taunting me, creating wrath, hate, fear, mistrust, and all the vices of the universe in my soul. And yet I stare on, hopeful, the icon unwavering in its scorn. — I have this dream. It’s not selfless […]

The Subtext

1 March, 2014 (07:00) | Philosophy, Skiing, Work | No comments

I lead a charmed life. I work with kids, smiling, laughing, playing for a living. I get to see them rise to the occasion, overcome obstacles, and learn to deal with setbacks. I get to have fun at my job and to make a difference. I deal with kids who have bad home lives, who seek […]

Incredulous Gratitude

13 January, 2014 (17:56) | Skiing, Social Commentary, Travelogue | No comments

George and Gabe chill in Adirondack chairs at Telluride, day 2 of our short trip. Act natural. Those two words keep running through my head over and over again. Act natural. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just another day, just another amazing, superb, […]

Cocoa is for Closers

6 January, 2014 (20:18) | Skiing | 4 comments

You know how often I get that question? “Can we have hot cocoa now?” The answer is no. You can’t. There’s no cocoa for you. Cocoa is for closers. No cocoa til the end of the day. Why not now? Is it the end of the day yet? Then no cocoa. And I’ll tell you something […]

Confessions of a Football Hating Football Fan

1 December, 2013 (20:14) | Social Commentary, Sports | No comments

Just to be perfectly clear, I hate football. Maybe that wasn’t as clear as it could have been. My freshman year of high school I stood five foot ten and weighed in at a whopping 225. Despite my soft, pudgy exterior, I was surprisingly athletic, faster and stronger than most people gave me credit for. […]

The Socks Make the Man

30 November, 2013 (14:05) | Skiing | 2 comments

There is nothing less comfortable than an ill-fitting pair of ski boots. After all, the only thing harder on feet than ski boots is Chinese foot binding. Jackson Hole, Wyoming boasts more bunions on men than women (bunions are typically caused by cramming ones feet into small or pointy shoes, like high heels or ski […]


22 November, 2013 (12:04) | Skiing, Work | No comments

All is not right with the world. There are plenty of things to which we could attribute this. For instance, it could be the fact that the Philippines is still reeling from the Typhoon (current death count is 5209 people). Or it could be the continued deterioration of the Fukushima nuclear plant damaged in the […]

How to Be a Loser – Part III

26 August, 2013 (07:30) | Growing Up, Sports | 1 comment

For Context, Read How to Be a Loser – Part I and How to Be a Loser – Part II For the first year, we won more than the two games against our perennial basement-dwelling rivals Waltham. We split a series against Martha’s Vineyard, and come close to upsetting Milton, a powerful offensive juggernaut. We […]

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