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Dispensing With the Fanfare

2 January, 2014 (20:33) | Social Commentary | No comments

Many people have written about marijuana and its legality. There are essays about medical uses, the economics of the industry, taxation, the ramifications of punishment, the effects in relation to mental and physical health, and the means in which people are using it to better themselves and their children. There are also essays decrying the […]

Confessions of a Football Hating Football Fan

1 December, 2013 (20:14) | Social Commentary, Sports | No comments

Just to be perfectly clear, I hate football. Maybe that wasn’t as clear as it could have been. My freshman year of high school I stood five foot ten and weighed in at a whopping 225. Despite my soft, pudgy exterior, I was surprisingly athletic, faster and stronger than most people gave me credit for. […]

A Nice Relaxing Soak

16 September, 2013 (19:51) | Social Commentary | No comments

I feel ill; sick to my stomach. I barely even notice the mud in the darkness until my soles are mired in it. My stomach is roiling, probably because of something I ate last night, but maybe, just maybe it’s the smell. It’s almost reminiscent of Maine on a rainy morning. Loamy, lush, earthen are the […]

A Flood of Insecurity

23 August, 2013 (11:30) | Politics, Social Commentary, Technology | 2 comments

They’re listening. Snowden says so. Public records say so. Government bills say so. Respected journalistic sources say so. They are government agencies, places of employ, private firms collecting marketing data. The Internet is a virtual Cookie Monster, and there’s little to nothing we can do about it. I express my anger and outrage with a […]

Purity and Praise

13 August, 2013 (14:59) | Social Commentary | No comments

Children are capable of the greatest of goods and the greatest of evils. Their acts of kindness and warmth, when genuine and unforced, are often devoid of awareness. Their acts of malice and manipulation are often as cold, selfish, and cruel as any act on earth. Working with kids almost requires me to think this […]

About Face

1 November, 2012 (12:05) | Social Commentary | No comments

They come in all shapes and sizes: princes and princesses; ghouls, goblins, and ghosts; witches, wizards, and warlocks. They arrive in droves, wave after wave washing over laws and up stoops, doorbells buzzing frantically in sugar-coated want. They appear in pairs, trios, alone or with an entourage. They’re hawkishly watched by shadowy figures hovering close […]

Not I, Said the Identity Theft Victim

24 October, 2012 (12:13) | Social Commentary | 3 comments

You find a wallet. In it are IDs, few credit cards, and a small wad of cash. Instantly, you’re torn. On the one hand, turning it in is the right thing to do. On the other, that money would feel really good in your pocket. The context of your life–whether you’re rich or poor; a […]

Ethereal Materialism

17 September, 2012 (18:48) | Philosophy, Social Commentary | 2 comments

The digital age has had two primary effects on capitalism: destroying conceptual fungibility and removing tangibility as a quality of materialism. The latter is far easier to understand, as digital goods don’t need to exist in the physical realm. An “album” released by your favorite performer exists only as a collection of atoms organized and accessible through your […]

The Digital Confessional

15 September, 2012 (11:41) | Philosophy, Social Commentary | 2 comments

I’m a cheater, a liar, and a crook. I steal, I take advantage of situations, and I claim to be better than I am. And after all of it, I rationalize every move and believe that I have a good heart and am a good person who has succumbed to temptation. A friend recently posted […]

Finding Faith

27 August, 2012 (09:30) | Philosophy, Religion, Social Commentary | 2 comments

I am a skeptic. I am an atheist. I am scientific, faithless, grounded, requiring proof. Or at least I am mostly. I’ve always felt pangs of envy for the blind faith people are able to feel–that knowledge that something with no proof whatsoever is out there and the ability to use that knowledge to drive […]

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