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The Strength and Endurance to Overcome

11 November, 2015 (15:17) | Politics, Social Commentary | No comments

Image by Justablink Friends and brothers in arms, Every morning, I wake up to a plethora of news about the wrongs in the world. The weight often seems overwhelming. What can we individuals do to contribute to fixings the ills of the world? The editorial page is rife with the words of concerned citizens calling […]


19 September, 2015 (22:47) | Creativity, Social Commentary, Story | No comments

I wondered what percentage of the universe I could actually see from my perch beneath the yellow street lamp. One thousandth of a percent? One millionth? I could see a half-dozen stars and twice that many planes crossing the night sky. How is someone supposed to feel insignificant and alone when civilization keeps reminding them […]

How to Look at Art Without Really Trying

25 July, 2015 (21:31) | Growing Up, Random, Social Commentary, Technology, Work | No comments

“When you go to a museum,” he said, “you look at the painting, observe it, take it in. Then you look down and read the little plaque. Does the picture have meaning before you read the plaque? Does its meaning change because of the plaque?” I wasn’t happy with this contemplation, thinking about how I […]

Beneath the Glass

21 July, 2015 (10:26) | Media, New Media, Social Commentary, Technology | 3 comments

I remember this moment where I was standing on the edge of a car accident watching people be loaded and lifted into the ambulance, watching the tears streaming down the faces of uninjured bystanders and the stern glares of police and emergency workers as I darted back and forth trying to capture it all. I […]


17 June, 2015 (08:56) | Philosophy, Politics, Social Commentary | No comments

It seems so easy for me to recognize inequality. I glare at it, letting it foment in my self-righteousness, until such a point that it’s out of sight or I explode. I’m not alone in this. There isn’t that pause of, “Hmm, ok, now what?” The formula is simply See it, Get angry, Act; a […]

The Impurity of Sport

13 October, 2014 (07:52) | Media, Politics, Social Commentary, Sports | 3 comments

Last Spring, I quit football. To be honest, I quit caring about professional sports altogether. I decided I had better and more productive ways to use my time than researching, watching, and discussing institutions that provide me no benefit besides easy conversation fodder. It wasn’t until the third week of the NFL season that someone […]


9 October, 2014 (17:55) | Social Commentary | 2 comments

I think I’ve finally figured out why I can’t recycle: my roommate doesn’t like to see how much she drinks. When I get home after work, she tends to vanish at the sight of me, jerking upright from the couch with wide, deer-in-headlight eyes, something clutched to her chest as she scurries in the opposite […]


16 July, 2014 (08:19) | Social Commentary, Work | No comments

“Knock, Knock,” I say, a sly smile on my face. Wide eyes and excited grins greet me from below. “Who’s there?” they chorus. “Eat mop!” “Eat mop who?” “EWW! YOU SAID EAT MY POO!” I yell. They collapse in fits of giggles. The joke is one I learned from a coworker at Eldora. It’s sly, […]

The Bicycle Thief

23 June, 2014 (06:45) | Philosophy, Social Commentary, Sports | No comments

It’s only two miles, I tell myself as I deposit my dilapidated sandals in the trashcan in front of the post office. The streets are eerily empty as I begin my barefoot march home. Really, it shouldn’t be a surprise. There aren’t many people who want to be out and about after the last bus has […]

Incredulous Gratitude

13 January, 2014 (17:56) | Skiing, Social Commentary, Travelogue | No comments

George and Gabe chill in Adirondack chairs at Telluride, day 2 of our short trip. Act natural. Those two words keep running through my head over and over again. Act natural. Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just another day, just another amazing, superb, […]

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