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Beneath the Surface

3 May, 2009 (18:13) | Random | 5 comments

“The Informant” by Beau Eaton, architect of the V01D. “Seriously. Ask any of them. They’ll know about it.” Her eyes were wide with seriousness and her voice firm with conviction. The intrigue hung in the air like a mist. As we stepped away from the counter, our world open to new possibilities, only her promise remained, […]

That’s Just How I Roll

23 March, 2009 (09:40) | Random | 3 comments

Actress Eva Mendes rolls her Rs. In the American school system, students are usually given the choice of French or Spanish when it comes time to take a language. I know in the Denver area German is an option, but not in Boston. Seeing as I had been indoctrinated to French—my mom grew up in […]

Friend or Foe

9 March, 2009 (10:14) | Random | No comments

The huffing and snuffling had roused me a few minutes earlier, but wrapped in the soft down comforter, I had chosen to ignore it, rolling over and descending into dreamland once more. This time, however, the sounds of my canine companions dragged me into a slouched position like a marionette pulled up by the strings. […]

Fighting Scientology, As Seen On TV

23 January, 2009 (14:55) | Random | 2 comments

I don’t usually drop posts this close together, but this was too good to pass up. Earlier today The Jeff appeared in a hazy vision on my IM client and sent me the link to this video of Vince selling the slap-chop. “It’s surreal,” he told me as I watched and laughed. Little did I […]

Strong Language

9 January, 2009 (15:08) | Random | 4 comments

Image taken from here. WARNING: The following entry contains strong language which may not be suitable for the illiterate. Kindly use caution when venturing beyond the cut.

I’m Like A Hungry Baby on a… Headlight

2 January, 2009 (11:46) | Random | 10 comments

Ed. Note – If I’m “he said,” then this is “she said.” “So… I just got pulled over on Federal for a headlight out.” “You ok?” “Yeah,” Jen tells me, a nervousness underlying the laughter in her voice. “I mean, I’m still coming down, but we should hit a Wal-Mart or something.” I cringe at […]

Seeing Red

22 December, 2008 (11:47) | Random | No comments

My heart is racing. It thumps in sync with the seriously cheesy Rammstein music blasting on the stereo. Hey, don’t judge me. It happens to be what keeps me pumped up. The mask itches. It makes me feel like Ralphie in his bunny suit from A Christmas Story, but I look more like a bank […]

Bohemian Rhapsody

8 October, 2008 (23:13) | Random | No comments

The moon rises over the old city in Prague. For more loony pictures of Prague, click here. It’s the eyes. Glowering, slinking ever thinner, as if she wished she were Asian. I’ve been to Asia. she doesn’t want to be Asian. “Mustard,” she snaps, her face contorted in the most hateful stare I’ve ever seen. […]

Sometimes I’m Unsure When I’m Being Hit On

14 May, 2008 (14:38) | Random | No comments

The other day an older gentleman came into the department. “Can I help you find anything?” I asked, the smile from the previous days events still flush on my face. “I was wondering if you had the Robert Plant, Allison Krauss album,” the man replied, returning an equally happy smile. “Normally we do,” I said, […]

Styling Threads of the 1890s

24 April, 2008 (01:43) | Random | No comments

“WHAT HELL HATH THOU WROUGHT?” asked Jebediah Zucherman as he stared at my new look. “Is it really that bad?” I replied, splashing water on my newly bald upper lip. “Well, let’s put it this way. You could be an extra in Witness. But hey, I hear the 90s are coming back into vogue, and […]

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