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How to Look at Art Without Really Trying

25 July, 2015 (21:31) | Growing Up, Random, Social Commentary, Technology, Work | No comments

“When you go to a museum,” he said, “you look at the painting, observe it, take it in. Then you look down and read the little plaque. Does the picture have meaning before you read the plaque? Does its meaning change because of the plaque?” I wasn’t happy with this contemplation, thinking about how I […]

The Banshee

28 February, 2014 (06:52) | Random | 1 comment

Banshee by ChrisCold. Her scream came like a banshee through the thin veil of sleep that gripped me. They had been fighting regularly, not often, but steadily. The others had pointed out the hole in the wall, the broken window, the smashed chair. In the time since I arrived, I had seen the puffy cheeks […]

Dog Fight

27 November, 2013 (18:03) | Random | No comments

“Dog Fight” by George Bellows. Growls and jaws flashing, they drove at each other. Small men yelled while the leash pulled taught from their straining bodies. It was impossible to tell where one ended and the other began. From the couch, it at once seemed so close and so far. The screen door banged and bounded […]

That Sinking Feeling

13 September, 2013 (16:57) | Random | No comments

Kevin helps push a car out of water. Photo taken by Carolyn. It’s shockingly light out when I wake up. The sun hasn’t appeared, but compared to the dark heavy rain of the last 48 hours, it seems an almost pristine calm has settled in. Blinking away the sleep in my eyes and tossing coffee […]


24 June, 2012 (09:10) | Random | 5 comments

I feel like the Wicked Witch, doused in water, steaming, sizzling and melting into oblivion. My organs boil and bubble like a cauldron, my skin burning red from the teeming liquid inside. I recede into nothingness, disappearing into the floor, folding in on my existence, unable to think due to the oppressive heat.

Does That Make Sense?

31 January, 2011 (16:44) | Random | No comments

“Wind” by Stephen N. Meyer “How does wind work?” The question surprises me. I’m hardly a physicist, naturalist, or scientist of any sort, yet I know, basically, how and why wind happens. My mind warps around the issue, delving into the basic nature of the problem, and then, as suddenly as it began, everything comes […]

Boredom is the Mindkiller

19 January, 2011 (00:04) | Random | No comments

There are bags under my eyes. I think they’re some kind of Gucci knock off cause they seem to suit me, but they’re clearly not elegant Sean Connery style bags. I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week. I’d hardly call myself a zombie during my waking hours, but I often feel that way. […]

Sick Day

11 January, 2011 (11:57) | Random | No comments

For the first time since Eldora’s opening day on November 19, 2010–that’s 54 straight days–I’m home for the day. When I picked up my second job working Customer Service at Aerogrow, I assumed that I could use each job to recuperate from the other; my job at Eldora leaves me physically drained and in need of rest, […]


4 November, 2009 (11:16) | Random | No comments

I woke up this morning feeling glum, much like during the waning seconds of the tail end of my final lacrosse game in high school, where I stared from the sidelines as our team lost well aware that it was completely beyond my ability to do anything about it. It wasn’t an oppressive glumness, but […]

Happy Halloween from the Jack-O-Bear

31 October, 2009 (22:12) | Random | No comments

It’s been a tradition in my family to make a Jack-O-Bear for Halloween. Though they haven’t done it every year, my parents once again rose to the task this year. I had hoped to help my Dad carve it before I left Boston this week, but it seems to have been completed in excellent fashion […]

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