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Hope and Success

23 January, 2009 (14:14) | Politics | No comments

“I really wish I could be there,” Jen tells me. “Hopefully they’ll have another in four years.” “Where?” “The inauguration.” “They have one every four years,” I reply. “No, I mean for Obama.” I understand that she likes the guy. She considers herself a Chicagoan and worked on his campaign. She’s progressive and young and […]

Obama Comic Madness

10 January, 2009 (11:00) | Politics | 4 comments

As if it weren’t enough that the president-elect got his own origin story in a comic before he got elected, the upcoming January 14 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man will be featuring the nation’s first black president as a side-kick. Lisa Tolin of the Associated Press reports that Joe Queseda, Marvel Comic’s editor-in-chief, was so […]

The Gaza Strip is not a Gentleman’s Club

30 December, 2008 (10:13) | Politics | 2 comments

There’s an old Jewish toast, “Next year in the Holy Land,” or “Next year in Jerusalem.” At this rate, there might not be a next year in the Holy Land, let alone Jerusalem. With attacks in the Gaza Region turning heads around the globe, eliciting protests across the Arab world, and helping 2008 go out […]

Global Warming Brings Snow?

29 December, 2008 (01:04) | Politics | 4 comments

NOTE: I know some of you are left wing liberals already on the climate change bandwagon. I love you, but this article isn’t meant for you. For those of you who aren’t climate change people, this is my attempt to actually delve into the issue. Most of the links I cite will be from science […]

Elective Surgery

8 October, 2008 (05:30) | Politics | 4 comments

It’s 5 AM in Prague and I’m crouched in a stairwell. The second presidential debate just ended on CNN Europe and I kept running tabs of the whole thing. I’ll post the entirety of my notes below, but you’re better off just getting transcript if you’re interested. Matt’s disappointed. He thinks Obama bombed. Matt is […]

An Army of Altruists

19 February, 2007 (15:10) | Politics | 10 comments

In the January 2007 Issue of Harper’s Magazine, David Graeber published an article entitled “An Army of Altruists” discussing the reasons for the political unrest the US currently feels. For over a month, I’ve waited to be able to link people to it. Now, thanks to a posting of the article in its entirety by […]

It’s Adam and Eve, Not Adam and GGGBLAAAAGGH!!!

8 January, 2007 (00:03) | Politics | 16 comments

It’s come to my attention that we have a grave problem in America today: Zombie Weddings. You see, despite the fact that being a zombie is a mortal sin, people continue to be zombies without ever considering what sort of effect this might have on our children. San Francisco has become a haven for zombies […]

We Wish You an Anti-Semite and a Happy Jew Year…

24 December, 2006 (02:15) | Politics | 26 comments

Why is it that people can’t help but discriminate against us Jews during the holiday season? I went to The Sink for lunch the other day with a couple of friends. Besides getting some of the worst service I’ve ever received, on my way out I was greeted by one of the rudest, most ethnically […]

It Used to Mean Something…

6 September, 2006 (15:12) | Politics | 4 comments

The other day, someone posted a thread to the message boards I go to asking us to name two things we though the opposite political party was doing right and two things our political affiliation was doing wrong. At first I was all excited about this thread. I thought to myself, “man! This is your […]

Politicking Gone Right?

31 January, 2006 (22:11) | Politics | 14 comments

I don’t know how it happened or why, but Virginia Governor Tim Kaine actually impressed me with his response to tonight’s State of the Union address. As most Americans seem to be, I’m disillusioned with politics. I’m bothered that my party can’t push through the legislation they want to because the other party keeps stymieing […]

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