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Among the Cabinets

13 November, 2013 (14:05) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

For much of my childhood, the highlight of my days were sitting around my basement playing video games with my friends. When I finally got my driver’s license, it opened a whole new world of places I could go to play video games. By then, the Dream Machine and other arcades were already on the […]

Confessions of a DLC Addict

21 June, 2013 (00:21) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

Image snagged from Game-Modo’s critique of Downloadable Content (DLC). There was a joy to opening a new game when I was a child; a sense of wonder, of challenge. Inside the box were manuals, maps, registration cards, discs, artwork. I could pour through the printed materials for hours in anticipation. On the way home from […]

True Grit

2 July, 2012 (10:31) | Philosophy, Video Games | 2 comments

They tell me she’s been reborn, stronger, darker, more real. They tell me to look at her suffering and see how she becomes a hero by overcoming adversity. They tell me to watch the world beat her, assault her, rape her. I grimace and cringe, tossing and turning at the prospect. Why does it have […]

Passive Vehemence

30 April, 2010 (11:26) | Video Games | No comments

Donkey Kong’s Last Supper by Misha. Roger Ebert is an asshole. His self-aggrandizing appearances at the University of Colorado’s Conference on World Affairs every year cemented this in my mind during my stint there. He’s also, to his credit, a brilliant film reviewer who grasps all the technical qualities of a film in addition to […]

Misery Amplified

29 July, 2008 (23:37) | Video Games | 4 comments

There’s few things I dread more than having things I remember fondly dragged through the gutter for another iteration. Despite a wonderful day jaunting around Guam, my mind is drunk with sadness at what’s happened to one of my favorite games. When the Xbox first launched, a good friend of mine bought one. For the […]