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True Grit

2 July, 2012 (10:31) | Philosophy, Video Games | 2 comments

They tell me she’s been reborn, stronger, darker, more real. They tell me to look at her suffering and see how she becomes a hero by overcoming adversity. They tell me to watch the world beat her, assault her, rape her. I grimace and cringe, tossing and turning at the prospect. Why does it have […]

The Whole Shebang

11 January, 2012 (09:16) | New Media | 1 comment

It’s now been nearly a month since Ignite Chanukah 2011. Due to the holidays, a variety of travel plans, and the amazing job the video guy did of putting together the recordings, Ignite Chanukah videos (incorrectly labeled as 2012 instead of 2011) have finally been posted. There are several highlights that are definitely worth watching. […]

The Afterward

15 December, 2011 (03:12) | Media | 1 comment

My heart beats like a thousand pounding war drums. In the darkness, I can barely hear the murmur of our host and matron of honor above the atrial clamor echoing through my veins. I can feel my hands shaking, the firm pull of my index finger tearing gently at the ring binding the flimsy notecards for my presentation together. […]

Live Unplugged

29 June, 2011 (07:40) | Growing Up, Media | 3 comments

The days are counting down to that fateful moment the power goes off and the lines of communication are struck dumb and useless. This isn’t an armageddon scenario or even a cynically paranoid delusion of a new world order. Rather, it’s my annual ritual of disconnection. All year, I spend countless hours on the phone, […]

Filling Out the Forms

11 May, 2011 (08:54) | New Media, Social Commentary | 4 comments

I sit there, casually entertained by banal conversation granted import by the irregularity of the event. It is, if nothing more, a dinner party designed as much to break the monotony of life as it is to celebrate the event in question. Filling the periphery of the evening are a collection of folks—and despite their […]

Fuck You Facebook

8 December, 2010 (16:57) | New Media | 4 comments

Facebook is Evil. I was halfway through writing something of value when my rage and anger got the better of me. Instead of that, I’ve decided to rail against Facebook for a few minutes, if for no other reason than to vent. As I slid to various websites doing research, my facebook user icon kept […]

Classify This

1 December, 2010 (13:19) | Media, Politics | No comments

Snagged from CBS. In the midst of the Wikileaks controversy, founder Julian Assange is under assault by international governments everywhere. Yesterday, Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest for sex crimes in Sweden. With the flurry of news regarding Wikileaks, it’s not hard to believe Assange’s claims of being unfairly targeted. Wired reports that the […]

Nostalgic Dissonance

12 November, 2010 (12:54) | Media | 2 comments

The Transformers cartoon was slightly less than meets the eye. “The Michael Bay film was better than the original cartoon.” They gasp. I expected that would happen. That’s right, I said it, I think, knowing the can of worms I had opened. — For a long time, I held my childhood favorites in high regard […]

Passive Vehemence

30 April, 2010 (11:26) | Video Games | No comments

Donkey Kong’s Last Supper by Misha. Roger Ebert is an asshole. His self-aggrandizing appearances at the University of Colorado’s Conference on World Affairs every year cemented this in my mind during my stint there. He’s also, to his credit, a brilliant film reviewer who grasps all the technical qualities of a film in addition to […]

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

15 April, 2010 (09:13) | Media | No comments

“Ethics” by political cartoonist Clay Bennett. For several years now, journalism has been slowly decaying into a ghostly semblance of its former self. Some claim the internet is to blame, providing instant access to information faster and more effectively than the media ever did. Others claim that the wealth of air time has watered down […]

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