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Anthology Anthropology

8 April, 2009 (09:46) | New Media | 2 comments

The Sunday New York Times never fails to deliver fascinating writing. Rather than an in depth article on the latest outbreak of war or an insider’s guide to to the latest trend, the most interesting piece of the April 5, 2009 edition was the two paragraph conclusion tucked at the tail of A.O. Scott’s “In […]

How to Ignite a Zombie Part 5

10 March, 2009 (05:59) | New Media | 3 comments

It took me a while to catch that it was up, as I’ve been off cavorting for the last two weeks, but the awesome Craig Kendall posted the video of my Ignite Boulder presentation. The slides aren’t quite timed as well in the video as they were in real life (as they’re not live video) […]

How to Ignite a Zombie Part 4

20 February, 2009 (15:21) | New Media | 6 comments

Performing is a little like masturbating in a porn theater and a little like a game of Russian Roulette: on the one hand, even if the crowd in the theater is pleased, you ultimately got yourself off. On the other, there’s always a chance you’re going to end up an accidental suicide. Either way, the […]

How to Ignite a Zombie Part 3

18 February, 2009 (06:23) | New Media | No comments

Some of you may remember my mentioning that I was doing a presentation at Ignite Boulder this month. Well that day is upon us! Unfortunately, the event sold out in two days, so if you were hoping to make it, you’ve missed your window of opportunity. Luckily, the entire evening will be streamed LIVE on […]

How to Ignite a Zombie Part 2

26 January, 2009 (11:37) | New Media | 6 comments

It’s official. My presentation on Zombie Preparedness has been chosen for Ignite Boulder 3 on February 18th at the Atlas Building on the CU campus. I have to admit I already have butterflies in my stomach (I have major stage fright). If you’re interested in going, you can get tickets by clicking here. There’s an […]

The Perfect Match

20 January, 2009 (09:34) | New Media | 4 comments

When the relationship ended, all I could think about were the good traits. I’d wander around, searching for someone, something that could mimic those things that had kept us connected in a way that brought such joy and vision. In a way, I knew my search was naive. I would never find another that would […]

A Brite Spot

19 January, 2009 (13:18) | New Media | 2 comments

“So how’s that going for you?” asks Thor. He’s not really focusing on me, but I don’t mind. I’d rather he pay attention to driving on this cold January night than look at me. “There are issues. Every once in a while, I try to check in somewhere and it simply doesn’t work. The other […]

How To Ignite a Zombie

13 January, 2009 (14:40) | New Media | No comments

Given how much I enjoyed the last Ignite Boulder (after all, it is the event that got me onto Twitter), I’ve been thinking regularly about what I might do as a presentation if I got the chance. While many of the presentations were interesting, I felt they were also a little serious. “I think it […]

Brave New Media

20 December, 2008 (11:13) | New Media | 10 comments

The flashing neon reflects on the street as we pull up. It always does when it’s this cold and every crevice in the road is iced over. I have no worries about that, though. I’ve got media on my mind. — On Wednesday, I stumbled into a strange little event called Ignite Boulder, my never-worn […]

Getting a Little Facebook Time

3 December, 2008 (13:17) | New Media | No comments

A few days ago it was Dixie’s birthday. I texted her (from my brand spanking new cell phone) and wished her a happy one, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was easy enough, taking not more than 10 minutes, and I’m sure it was a good thing to do. And then […]

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