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Beneath the Glass

21 July, 2015 (10:26) | Media, New Media, Social Commentary, Technology | 3 comments

I remember this moment where I was standing on the edge of a car accident watching people be loaded and lifted into the ambulance, watching the tears streaming down the faces of uninjured bystanders and the stern glares of police and emergency workers as I darted back and forth trying to capture it all. I […]

The Impurity of Sport

13 October, 2014 (07:52) | Media, Politics, Social Commentary, Sports | 3 comments

Last Spring, I quit football. To be honest, I quit caring about professional sports altogether. I decided I had better and more productive ways to use my time than researching, watching, and discussing institutions that provide me no benefit besides easy conversation fodder. It wasn’t until the third week of the NFL season that someone […]

Among the Cabinets

13 November, 2013 (14:05) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

For much of my childhood, the highlight of my days were sitting around my basement playing video games with my friends. When I finally got my driver’s license, it opened a whole new world of places I could go to play video games. By then, the Dream Machine and other arcades were already on the […]


4 October, 2013 (12:59) | New Media | No comments

It snowed this morning. It’s the first snow in Boulder this season, though we saw some in the mountains last week. Most people knew it was coming, though some, I’m sure, were caught off guard, expecting several more weeks of Indian Summer or at least the paltry semblance of Autumn with which Colorado likes to […]

Shifting Fast

3 September, 2013 (11:33) | Film | 6 comments

Ok. Deep breath. Embarrassing moment of the… um… moment: I unabashedly love the Fast & Furious series. Yes, you heard me. I love Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Medium-size Bow-Wow (if he was Lil’ Bow Wow before, and he’s not fully grown-up, shouldn’t he be Medium-size Bow-Wow until he becomes Big Bow-Wow?) and even […]

Repetition for Deemphasis

27 August, 2013 (05:45) | Media, Philosophy | No comments

I rarely reread books, even ones I’d list among my favorites. Primarily this is because most books don’t seem to hold up time after time. I don’t blame the books, as it’s me who has changed between readings, perhaps even because of them. Some books require the right intellect, state of mind, or current events […]

Confessions of a DLC Addict

21 June, 2013 (00:21) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

Image snagged from Game-Modo’s critique of Downloadable Content (DLC). There was a joy to opening a new game when I was a child; a sense of wonder, of challenge. Inside the box were manuals, maps, registration cards, discs, artwork. I could pour through the printed materials for hours in anticipation. On the way home from […]

Statistics, Fact Checking, and the Failure of the Media

4 October, 2012 (11:41) | Media, New Media, Politics | 2 comments

Cartoon drawn by Patrick Chappatte published by the New York Times. The web is atwitter with the sound of politics this morning, and while I’m loathe to add my voice to flood of information, let me assure you that I will not be spending any time discussing the candidates or their campaigns. Instead, I want to draw […]

Music for the Temporally Impaired

21 September, 2012 (06:57) | Media | No comments

My friend Gina, with whom I traveled in India, runs a slick music blog. This month is Guest Month, and for the next five days, I’ll be filling in, starting with two Boston bands I’ve been listening to for ages. Gina’s got a great ear and tries to stay up on some of the best new […]

Thank You for Your Honesty

14 July, 2012 (12:17) | New Media | 3 comments

A photo posted by ReShonda Tate Billingly to her daughter’s Facebook page. There’s a lot of argument over age restrictions on Facebook, Google accounts, and on the internet in general. Most of the conversation seems to center around who has the right to control their information, and whether or not the age restrictions should be […]

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