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A Unique Snowflake

25 February, 2009 (15:48) | Tattoos | 4 comments

The card read: You still owe me the story of the snowflake. Ben – [phone number] http://worldwide.aceharmon.com I’m sure she thought it was some sort of pickup. This random guy who passed her a card with his number? Please. How transparent could someone be? But I really just wanted the story of the snowflake. — […]

Cheshire Dreams

30 June, 2008 (23:59) | Tattoos, Travelogue | 8 comments

Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat is an iconic image. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t really surprise me when Denise mentioned she wanted a tattoo of it on her. She certainly wouldn’t be the first person to get one. BMEzine.com has featured many Cheshire Cat tattoos, but we’ll get into the different variations later. Of course, […]

Personal Ink

19 December, 2006 (01:47) | Tattoos | 16 comments

The other day, Stout and I headed down to Twisted Sol in Denver, which is where I got my first tattoo . Stout had finally decided to get his ear pierced (double cartilage on one ear). I very nearly got my cartilage repierced, but decided at the last moment that I didn’t have a good […]

The Best Bad Decision I’ve Ever Made

1 August, 2004 (03:46) | Tattoos | 22 comments

Before I begin, I’d like to to point out that the title of this entry is “The Best Bad Decision I’ve Ever Made.” I like that title; it’s apt, humorous, and I actually said that to Jason, the artist who worked on me. God that sounds weird. Someone worked on me. It’s almost like plastic […]