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Wee Hours

8 February, 2011 (15:02) | Growing Up | 1 comment

Limerick, Ireland in the Wee Hours by Axel Buhrmann. I wonder if I’d have noticed had I not already been awake for hours. There, scrawled in the dusty grime of the bus window sat two lines of text. At first, I didn’t bother give it much thought. As I stared out the window watching the […]

The F#@! You Say

22 December, 2010 (11:00) | Growing Up, Social Commentary | No comments

Little kids often don’t know what they’re saying, but twleve-year-olds do. “That’s fucked up,” he said. “Watch your mouth!” his mother chided. I sat in the passenger seat, giggling softly to myself. “You know he’s right, though,” I chimed in. “It is pretty messed up that something like that would happen.” “Maybe, but it doesn’t […]

What a Waist

21 December, 2010 (11:00) | Growing Up | 1 comment

A pair of baggy jeans was the peak of hip before skinny jeans made a comeback. I yanked the jeans off the rack, my eyes glowing with anticipation. “Mom!” I called. “I found the ones I want!” She wandered over and picked them out of my hands, eyeing them with incredulity. “A forty four inch […]

A Fear of Commitment

13 December, 2010 (17:09) | Growing Up | No comments

I have a fear of commitment. Perhaps this comes as no surprise, as I also have a pair of testicles and what some have described as a penis (others have described it as a flaw in God’s┬ádesign or as a second brain, but I just think they were bitter). It seems to be par for […]

This is Not a Game

11 November, 2010 (17:44) | Growing Up | No comments

Settlers of Catan, one of the original staples of our gaming crew. I cherish the simplicity of games. Every Thursday, my friends and I gather, our collections of carefully boxed time wasters piled in a corner as a few are selected, played, and returned neatly. Some games are unpredictable and random, dice dictating outcome and […]

Sanity by Osmosis

16 September, 2010 (12:53) | Growing Up | No comments

“When Fantasy Meets Reality” by Nathalie Chaput. “Get down!” he screamed, shoving me to my knees. I clapped my hands over my ears to quiet the spitting gunfire above me. Slowly, I raised my head and looked for the bodies behind me. “That was a close one,” he said as I scanned the horizon. “Let’s […]


19 July, 2010 (11:13) | Growing Up | No comments

The Muppet Learning Keys were a child’s ultimate indoctrination to computers in a world before the Wii. I feel as though I was born wired in. I had my first computer at age 4, complete with the Muppet Learning Keys to teach me how to navigate a computer more effectively than Fozzie Bear. My parents […]

A New Twist – Part II

21 November, 2009 (10:54) | Growing Up | No comments

For context, read A New Twist – Part I Apparently, Caleb’s first roller coaster was the Mind Eraser too. I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase, “I remember it like it was yesterday.” I suspect it was quickly followed by a strange, soap-opera-esque stare into the distance, swelling music, and a wavy […]

Playing in the Mock

20 October, 2009 (09:38) | Growing Up | 8 comments

Ann Althouse, now a law professor at the university of Wisconsin, studying for her final law exam in 1981. Taken from her blog. When it comes down to it, there’s always one question that needles me until every thread of thought and belief come unwound: Why? — The past few months, I’ve been slowly wending […]

Throw It Back

31 August, 2009 (16:14) | Growing Up, Sports | 3 comments

Fenway Park during a night game. When school let out on a game day, there was always a desire to take my allowance for the week and wind my way down to Kenmore Square for a Red Sox game. At only eight dollars, bleacher seats were downright affordable, and those lovable losers, always in the […]

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