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Among the Cabinets

13 November, 2013 (14:05) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

For much of my childhood, the highlight of my days were sitting around my basement playing video games with my friends. When I finally got my driver’s license, it opened a whole new world of places I could go to play video games. By then, the Dream Machine and other arcades were already on the […]

Mood Swings

10 September, 2013 (10:45) | Growing Up | No comments

The Museum of Science in Boston has a Foucault’s pendulum. Surrounding it in a perfectly spaced circle are small pins. As a kid, I would stand there for what felt like an eternity watching from behind the glass as the pendulum swung back and forth in a straight line, the earth’s rotation slowly shifting the direction with […]

The Poop Story

30 August, 2013 (12:57) | Growing Up | No comments

“Tell the poop story!” “Which one?” I ask with a knowing smile. There’s an old joke about two Jews who get stranded on a desert island. When they’re finally rescued, the rescuers find they’ve built three synagogues on the island. “Why did you build three temples?” they ask. “Well,” says one of the Jews, “that […]

How to Be a Loser – Part III

26 August, 2013 (07:30) | Growing Up, Sports | 1 comment

For Context, Read How to Be a Loser – Part I and How to Be a Loser – Part II For the first year, we won more than the two games against our perennial basement-dwelling rivals Waltham. We split a series against Martha’s Vineyard, and come close to upsetting Milton, a powerful offensive juggernaut. We […]

How to Be a Loser – Part II

25 August, 2013 (07:30) | Growing Up, Sports | No comments

For Context, Read How to Be a Loser – Part I Rocky Batty coached Brookline High School until 2006. He’s currently head coach of Wellsley HS. I hadn’t  been in front of a net in several years, and I had always hated playing goal, but I was angry enough about baseball that I wasn’t about […]

How to Be a Loser – Part I

24 August, 2013 (16:21) | Growing Up, Sports | 4 comments

The last game of my high school lacrosse career, the prolific senior day when every senior is supposed to get a chance to showcase their skills, I didn’t step foot on the field. I love sports. I loved them as a kid growing up and I love them now. I’ve written odes to sports, sang […]

Fly Away

4 August, 2013 (19:57) | Growing Up | No comments

Flies in Action 04 by Michael Mure The class bored me. He spewed out conjugations and forms, broke down grammar and vocabulary, and it bored me. I had already taken four years of French, and yet here I was in French II because that was what was offered in middle school. I should’ve switched to […]

Confessions of a DLC Addict

21 June, 2013 (00:21) | Growing Up, Video Games | No comments

Image snagged from Game-Modo’s critique of Downloadable Content (DLC). There was a joy to opening a new game when I was a child; a sense of wonder, of challenge. Inside the box were manuals, maps, registration cards, discs, artwork. I could pour through the printed materials for hours in anticipation. On the way home from […]

The Grape Harvest

27 September, 2012 (09:07) | Family | No comments

My fingertips blush deep velvet, imbued with an inky essence that seeps into the dark depths of my wrinkled skin. There’s a sunset painted across my cuticles, plums fade into indigo, stretching upward into the aching heavens that are my hands. It seems for eons that I’ve plucked, pruned, cleaved and cut, pitted, peeled, skinned, and crushed […]

Thunder Down Under: Part VI

3 January, 2012 (09:34) | Growing Up | 2 comments

Continued from Thunder Down Under: Part V WARNING: The following is graphic, at times disturbing, and true with plenty of TMI to go around. Part I doesn’t include anything too disturbing, simply the events leading up. If you’re squeamish, easily disturbed or simply aren’t interested in the details of a serious medical fiasco, I recommend not reading beyond Part I. This entry […]

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