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How to be a Great Father

15 June, 2014 (05:00) | Family, Growing Up | 2 comments

“I used to be a football fan,” he tells me. “That surprises me,” I reply. “I mean, it doesn’t surprise me that you aren’t a football fan, but it surprises me that you used to be.” He smirks and snickers knowingly. “Football is how I bonded with my dad. In many ways, it’s the only […]

Hand Me Downs

22 March, 2014 (07:17) | Family, Growing Up | No comments

My grandmother used to tell me stories. I’d crawl into bed next to her, nestled in the waning smell of her perfumes, and curl up as she weaved stories of fanciful worlds and heroes that could only exist in my imagination. I don’t remember the stories anymore; I only remember the joy of hearing them. […]


7 February, 2014 (07:19) | Family | No comments

I can still hear his voice. “Attaboy,” he would say with a deep throaty laugh. He would say it with quiet pride, as if the words welled up from his center and he was simply letting them slip out because they would build up inside otherwise. At his 90th birthday a few weeks ago, my […]

The Grape Harvest

27 September, 2012 (09:07) | Family | No comments

My fingertips blush deep velvet, imbued with an inky essence that seeps into the dark depths of my wrinkled skin. There’s a sunset painted across my cuticles, plums fade into indigo, stretching upward into the aching heavens that are my hands. It seems for eons that I’ve plucked, pruned, cleaved and cut, pitted, peeled, skinned, and crushed […]

Pent Up Gratitude

8 May, 2011 (14:11) | Family | No comments

When I was a child, I was too naive to appreciate her youth and vigor. I played with her knowing that she was always willing and able, always ready to go and always there because that’s the way things were. When I was a teen, I was too self-centered in my own angst to appreciate […]

A Place to Come Home To

2 April, 2009 (07:55) | Family | 4 comments

Sunset over the Rocky Mountains. Image by A guy with A camera. It was supposed to be like going to camp or to boarding school. I could come back and it would all fall into place with the same scents and comforts and, for the most part, players. But after my freshman year, it wasn’t […]