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19 September, 2015 (22:47) | Creativity, Social Commentary, Story | No comments

I wondered what percentage of the universe I could actually see from my perch beneath the yellow street lamp. One thousandth of a percent? One millionth? I could see a half-dozen stars and twice that many planes crossing the night sky. How is someone supposed to feel insignificant and alone when civilization keeps reminding them […]

The New Me

31 December, 2013 (06:58) | Story | No comments

I woke up one morning and I decided that I would change. I would cease to be the person I was and become a new person. I resolved to be better, stronger, smarter, sweeter, more relaxed, more empathetic, more caring… I resolved to be more. As the days passed, I worked at my virtues and […]

Vocational Provocation

5 September, 2013 (11:28) | Story | No comments

If it hadn’t been for the way the skin around her knuckles flexed as she adjusted her silver and black tie, I would’ve thought she was younger than I was. Uniforms can do that, mask a person. It’s almost a costume, one which prepares the wearer for the job at hand. Fast food employees are […]

Two Lights Passing in the Night

21 September, 2011 (10:37) | Story | 1 comment

Late Night Bike Rides by Wilfrido Hernandez. Their wheels hum in unheard harmony as they approach the tunnel from opposite ends. The still night air whistles harmonics in their ears, the chorus distracting pleasantly from the crisp cold nipping gently at their exposed skin. They strain their eyes in unison, each fighting the inky darkness […]

Confessions of a V-Shock Addict

19 February, 2009 (09:58) | Story | 2 comments

“Hi, my name is Vladimir and I’m an addict.” “Hi Vladimir,” they chorused. A few of them mumbled, either because they couldn’t quite understand the name under my slight accent or because they simply couldn’t pronounce it through the chattering teeth of withdrawal. I scratched my leg nervously, the cup of coffee jittering in my […]

Relational Parachute

16 May, 2008 (08:32) | Story | No comments

(Image by Dan Winters) I was on Cloud 9 when I met you. It was incredible. Here we were in the stratosphere, so close your breath felt like a perfect breeze on my ear. I knew right then I was destined to fall for you. It started slowly at first, but how quickly it accelerated. […]

Muppets From Hell

4 May, 2008 (23:41) | Story | No comments

“Have you seen the god damn ratings?” he screamed, his red power tie flailing as we cowered in our executive chairs. “The fucking Teletubbies are beating us! I don’t even know what a Boobah is!” Mack Herbovitz slammed his fist on the table, the small glasses of ice water rippling with the force of the […]

Practice Only Matters If You’re Planning to Play

10 September, 2007 (04:38) | Story | 6 comments

I looked at her and said, “I hate to admit it, but I don’t think you’re woman enough for me.” She smirked back. “Is that so?” “No.” I shook my head. “You’re way out of my league. I am a study in passing competence. My expectations float slightly above Everest, cloaked in a misty dew […]

Desperate Measures

9 August, 2007 (18:48) | Story | 4 comments

Her Pinot Grigio bloomed red as particles from her lipstick washed into the glass. “Marry me,” I said, my eyes diving toward my own glass in fear. “I’m sorry?” “Don’t say you’re sorry. Say yes.” “To marrying you?” I could see her hand shaking slightly as she set the glass on the table. “Yes.” I […]

The Birds and the Bees

1 March, 2006 (12:28) | Story | 22 comments

“SON,” MY DAD SAID, “I THINK WE NEED TO HAVE A TALK.” I knew what was coming. He was going to tell me about women, sex, and all the things I had known about for years. He didn’t have the courage before… or maybe he just thought I was too young. Whatever the reason, I […]

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