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I Lack Recourse

27 July, 2005 (00:12) | Poetry | No comments

I lack recourse. No matter how much I may want change, I can’t have it because I lack recourse. Try as I might–and I do: I vote, I protest, I chant, I sit in, I complain, I fight the good fight, I picket, I pump my fist in solidarity, I throw my cobwebbed wallet around […]


14 July, 2005 (00:26) | Poetry | 22 comments

Divorce isn’t a legal matter, but an emotional one. I think I have divorced myself from reality. It feels wonderful.

Iambic Pentameter is such a bitch….

11 April, 2004 (21:34) | Poetry | 16 comments

My week has been so full of strange strange things, from Daylight Savings changes and no sleep to opportunities in life’s upswing. And so I look to take the next great leap. Once again, Inquiring Minds was dumped because of lack of guests, I hate to say. I always seem to find one and get […]

Just Another Melodramatic Sonnet

4 November, 2003 (03:07) | Poetry | No comments

A voice rings out from deep inside my mind; the void outside is filled with errant thought, its tendrils looping, dancing intertwined, creating life in spaces where there’s naught. I cannot stand the silent emptiness that blinds my mind from restful solitude. And so I let it wander and digress on topics on which average […]


4 November, 2002 (22:27) | Poetry | No comments

Regrets are only as powerful as the wishes they supercede. A regret should be much stronger when wishing away a deed. And yet our hopeless inaction is what we regret the most, For what would be more positive than of a deed to boast.

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