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Magnetic Mummery – Psychedelic Sky

29 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | No comments

Psychedelic sky: an orange canvas full of shimmering purple smoke; a flood of sable mist in an enormous blue aquarium; a soaring forest of light that leaves delicate color silhouetted above. — See the other poems here.

Magnetic Mummery – Only Words

28 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 1 comment

I write, compose, balance, worship, scream. and through language paint a symphony electric, elaborate rhythms, raw surreal honey. By experiment, I perform passion, create vision, whisper power, produce monuments. And yet my art is only ink and metaphor… — See the other poems here.

Magnetic Mummery – A Beautiful Spirit

27 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 1 comment

Never did she lust after his repulsive form, how ugly, old and weak he appeared. But through watching him, a sweet angel, wild and free, it pleased her. It incubated beneath an eternity, lathered under moments of bitter beauty. It did not make sense. Why him? Why then? She’d never before felt a love like this. […]

Magnetic Mummery – Introduction

26 May, 2015 (18:39) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 2 comments

“I think you may the only person in the world who can claim that a refrigerator is your greatest tableau,” he says. “Umm, thanks?” “I mean, seriously,” he says, turning to the rest of our cohort. “You need to check this out. He’s a wizard with magnetic poetry. We’re not talking the hackneyed innuendo most […]

Gone, But Still There

23 February, 2010 (14:58) | Poetry | 2 comments

Beard Poster by Michael Buchino of the Beard Revue. Sometimes, just when I think I’m used to it being gone, I feel my beard tingle and tickle, happiness in a fuzzy guise. But when I reach up to stroke it, it suddenly become clear: my beard is gone. I could regrow it, let the wilderness […]

The Day Before Christmas

25 December, 2008 (00:45) | Poetry | No comments

My uncle Bruce and his girlfriend Alison who hosted Christmas dinner. This was the first time I’ve ever attended Christmas with my family. Forever the screwup, I tried to pickup Starbucks Gift Cards for my family on Erev Christmas. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to get them, but that I was simply too […]


9 April, 2008 (15:13) | Poetry | No comments

I dreamt about you last night. I chased you up and down corridors, through apartments and operating rooms, and always you remained a step ahead. Eventually, you lost me. I wasn’t sure quite where I was. I tried to retrace my steps, but I had been watching you, not where I was going. And then […]

A Valentine Treat for Those of You Sick of Valentine’s Day

15 February, 2008 (02:01) | Poetry | 8 comments

An Ode to MacGyver There I stood, weak and weary, my smile askew, though slightly cheery, Carefully avoiding all the customers there in the store, In front of me, it sat their waiting, the challenge very much sedating, as the scale sat in parts spread across the storeroom floor. “What the fuck are all these […]


21 March, 2007 (20:13) | Poetry | 6 comments

(Image by Antoine de Villiers) If we were to meet under different circumstances, would we still act the same way? Would we lavishly clink our wine glasses by the fireside, talking of Voltaire and the history of thought? Would we glare at each other from our respective checkout lines, each of us jealous of the […]

Tonight’s Entry: A Snorfleglorp of Rhyme and Meter

19 August, 2005 (00:08) | Poetry | No comments

“A snorfleglorp? What’s that?” you ask. A strange new word I shall unmask. It means a lot, a ton or many; sometimes even more than plenty. In the end, it is the dose of rhyme and meter in this post, for I seem to be inspired to rhyme about events transpired. The Moose, or Muss […]

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