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Paper Trained

27 July, 2008 (23:55) | Dreams, Social Commentary | No comments

Men are dogs. I don’t mean to say that men are conniving, lying cheaters who are destined to turn on their girlfriend, wife or lover. I mean that we’re trained animals.

Under Cover of Night

28 February, 2007 (11:59) | Dreams | 2 comments

The officer approached me as I left the star-studded club. That night, like every night, featured performances by Whitney Houston, a black Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and Bobby Brown. While all this was going on, the bar doubled as a guitar repair shop, the bar-tender performing the repairs there while pouring drinks. “I need you […]

Cowels and Cape Cod

28 March, 2006 (10:46) | Dreams | 12 comments

When I first moved to Boston in August of 1989, the first few friends I made were in my neighborhood. Around the corner from my house lived the Canters, who shared our backyard and sold us our house. They had a daughter who was my age and in my grade and a son who was […]

Thieving Ways

25 October, 2005 (10:23) | Dreams | 4 comments

I just awoke with my arms thrust upward, my right fist clenched and aching, and my face contorted into a rebus of anger, pain, and guilt. Perhaps I’m lucky I sleep alone, as anyone with me likely would’ve been afraid or in pain. I had just moved into a dorm apartment on the fourteenth floor […]

Momentary Marathon Dreamscapes…

30 June, 2004 (06:07) | Dreams | 2 comments

The doors swung back and forth where the gurney had just gone. The wooden floors shone of a fresh coat of polish, the laquer glistening and screaming at me not to run or risk breaking my neck. I ran anyway. This was a small town hospital, so if I was going to break my neck […]

The Burden of Being a Family Man

1 June, 2004 (09:37) | Dreams | 4 comments

Have you ever tried to raise flying poisonous snakes in the same house as children? Needless to say, it’s not easy. I got mighty pissed off when one of them bit my daughter and killed her. In fact, unbeknownst to me, the snakes had be reproducing all willy nilly. One minutes I’ve to two in […]

Illegal Alien Invasion

28 January, 2004 (12:42) | Dreams | 2 comments

Yesterday, I came home in the afternoon and was so tired I took a nap. During this 3 hour nap, I had a very odd dream about a cartoon in which I starred. The following is the true story of that dream: My friend Zak, drummer of my crappy high school band Nutria decided that […]

Stupid Nap

29 October, 2003 (07:52) | Dreams | No comments

This is where the wavy lines of the incoming dream sequence appear… yes, I know there’s no visuals in a journal, but just imagine for me. Thank you. Part I: The Game I want to say it was a variation on Donkey Kong, but that’s probably because the Simpsons episode I had been watching had […]

Harry Potter meet Stephen King

23 September, 2003 (11:27) | Dreams | 6 comments

I was a wizard in training. Not at Hogwarts, but somewhere in the US. And it was my summer vacation. A friend of mine and I were playing on a computer in the attic of the house we were staying. Suddenly, we felt odd, as if the dark lord himself were looking over our shoulder. […]

The Duality of Nature

13 January, 2003 (11:27) | Dreams | 2 comments

It all began with Cirque Du Soliel. They were coming to town and my grandmother wanted to take me, so I went down to Denver for dinner and then to go to the circus. It seems there was a slight hang-up, though, and we had to go pick up the tickets from the box office […]

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