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19 September, 2015 (22:47) | Creativity, Social Commentary, Story | No comments

I wondered what percentage of the universe I could actually see from my perch beneath the yellow street lamp. One thousandth of a percent? One millionth? I could see a half-dozen stars and twice that many planes crossing the night sky. How is someone supposed to feel insignificant and alone when civilization keeps reminding them […]

Magnetic Mummery – Psychedelic Sky

29 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | No comments

Psychedelic sky: an orange canvas full of shimmering purple smoke; a flood of sable mist in an enormous blue aquarium; a soaring forest of light that leaves delicate color silhouetted above. — See the other poems here.

Magnetic Mummery – Only Words

28 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 1 comment

I write, compose, balance, worship, scream. and through language paint a symphony electric, elaborate rhythms, raw surreal honey. By experiment, I perform passion, create vision, whisper power, produce monuments. And yet my art is only ink and metaphor… — See the other poems here.

Magnetic Mummery – A Beautiful Spirit

27 May, 2015 (06:00) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 1 comment

Never did she lust after his repulsive form, how ugly, old and weak he appeared. But through watching him, a sweet angel, wild and free, it pleased her. It incubated beneath an eternity, lathered under moments of bitter beauty. It did not make sense. Why him? Why then? She’d never before felt a love like this. […]

Magnetic Mummery – Introduction

26 May, 2015 (18:39) | Magnetic Mummery, Poetry | 2 comments

“I think you may the only person in the world who can claim that a refrigerator is your greatest tableau,” he says. “Umm, thanks?” “I mean, seriously,” he says, turning to the rest of our cohort. “You need to check this out. He’s a wizard with magnetic poetry. We’re not talking the hackneyed innuendo most […]

The Gravity of the Situation

13 May, 2015 (08:23) | Creativity, Women | 4 comments

I am a comet. I hurtle around and around, my orbit static, the same, over and over, past brilliant stars, beautiful plants, incredible belts of asteroids and nebulae that paint a rainbow so full of every color the human eye can’t perceive them all. And then I start anew, passing brilliant stars, beautiful planets, and the same old […]

The Earthquake that Changed the World

5 March, 2014 (06:14) | Creativity | No comments

It wasn’t a minor tremor barely felt. It wasn’t a raucous shimmy that shattered every pane of glass. It wasn’t a rumble that sent people running for doorways and diving beneath tables. It was simply a shrug. Two shoulders, a sigh, and a quick spin. All I saw were the backs turning. That was the […]

The New Me

31 December, 2013 (06:58) | Story | No comments

I woke up one morning and I decided that I would change. I would cease to be the person I was and become a new person. I resolved to be better, stronger, smarter, sweeter, more relaxed, more empathetic, more caring… I resolved to be more. As the days passed, I worked at my virtues and […]

Sketches of Halloween

31 October, 2013 (09:05) | Sketchbook | No comments

Happy Halloween! When Miranda requested a vampire, it was another ho-hum request I had drawn a thousand times. Instead of labeling it simply with a single phrase, I decided to write a short poem for it. It then spiraled into two pages and another picture, but it’s definitely my favorite Halloween themed drawing I’ve done.

Sketches of Summer V

6 September, 2013 (09:09) | Sketchbook, Work | 3 comments

For context, read Sketches of Summer I Requested by Isabelle. This is the final set of sketches from the summer. So far this fall, I haven’t been able to draw much at the after-school program. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to collect a few of my favorites, but it’ll be few and far between.

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