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It Used to Mean Something…

6 September, 2006 (15:12) | Politics

The other day, someone posted a thread to the message boards I go to asking us to name two things we though the opposite political party was doing right and two things our political affiliation was doing wrong. At first I was all excited about this thread. I thought to myself, “man! This is your opportunity to show people you actually do agree with some of the stuff the right says.” But then it hit me. I don’t actually know what either party stands for anymore.

It used to be easy: Republicans wanted less federal government and less government interference. They wanted a free market in which monopolies didn’t lead the way. Beyond that, it was up to each state or local area to decide the rules. And quite frankly, I liked that. Allow people to have individual rules and help business succeed at every scale. But somewhere along the way, that stopped being what they were for. Now, they engineer federal government, creating new branches and more morass as they go. They bypass local governments and force universal laws by utilizing the supreme court and anti-local government amendments to the Constitution. And, perhaps most heinous of all, they support major monopolies and oligopolies and stifle small business in the name of free market economics.

But it’s not as though Democrats haven’t fucked up either. They’ve just done it very differently. Dems were supportive of a large federal government strengthening the country as a whole. they liked social programs and breaking monopolies (though that was as much the Republicans). Dems believed in raising taxes to help redistribute the wealth and try and give everyone a fair shake. But somewhere along the way, Dems just stopped believing in things. They began arguing about what was the best way and worrying about every little issue, slowly letting any semblance of a party line disappear. Now, while Republicans have stopped supporting their ideals and nearly reversed direction, Dems have stopped supporting anything and are floating out there.

It used to be that the parties meant something. This exercise would’ve been great then. Now, neither party stands for anything anymore. And until that changes, there’s nothing more to say.