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Pulling out of Iraq…

15 December, 2005 (00:10) | Politics

I know our President has promised that we would pull out several times. I also know he’s gone back on his word on each occasion so far. It’s sad that this has happened and that we’ve had to break promises, but it is not the will of the religious right.

You see, my pastor told me that if we pull out, we’ll be spilling our seed in vain. And, to quote the bible, that’s wrong.

I know our military force is so big and powerful that it must hurt to have even the tip of it pressing within your borders. And I know that nothing short of pulling out will actually stop the pain. But we’re not finished with our task yet. We must make sure the seed of Democracy we planted takes hold. We must see your government come to term. It is the will of the religious right to complete this seminal work.

Of course, if the outcome of the election fails and you abort the Democracy we gave you, we will just have to reinsert our swollen, throbbing regime. And nobody, least of all the religious right, wants that. After all, you are a minority.