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The Raven

17 February, 2004 (18:23) | Story

The snow fell gently everywhere; thick like a soup, but dripping down like a strobe-lighted waterfall. I drove slowly, my mind focused on my lack of snow tires. Thor says you’re crazy to drive in winter around here without them. I disagree. I skidded around turns at 20 miles an hour and barely anyone was out. The stop light clicked to red, the lights gently swaying in the wind.

As I slowed, a raven appeared, dropping out of the sky like a chunk of coal. It could’ve sought shelter in the nearby parking garage, dry and out of the wind and snow. It chose, however, to alight on the overhanging lamppost.

His wings stretched out reaching towards the edges of the air. He froze there, the flakes cascading over his back. Occasionally one would stick and his shiny ebony coat would begin to gray. In a matter of moments, the raven aged, first maturing, then ripening, and finally shrinking.

Its wings carefully folded up. It tilted its head, its black eye staring out from a coat of white. And then it took off, wings pumping as it rose into the descending white flakes.