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23 October, 2003 (12:19) | Sports

Stepping back to baseball for a minute, even though there’s no actual baseball going on, I’d like to touch on the Grady Little issue. As most of you know, the Red Sox lost the ALCS when Pedro Martinez pitched the 8th inning and gave up 3 runs to tie the game. A lot of people blame the manager, Grady Little, for leaving Pedro in that long. Bill Simmons, one of my favorite Boston sports writers has called to have Grady Little fired, twice. There are now websites dedicated to firing Grady Little. Finally, today, Grady was quoted as saying he’s not sure he wants to come back if the fans and the media are going to ass-ream him like Nina Hartley.

Now I’m not saying any of these people are necessarily wrong, but I certainly disagree with the way everything is happening. Little has managed the team well, albeit with an unconventional style that’s been questioned often. He’s had two fantastic seasons with the Sox, and this one mistake, in my eyes, is not enough to throw him on his ass. The management has taken a stance that they won’t make a decision until things have calmed down, which isn’t bad, but they should’ve stood by their manager. With Little as the manager, the Red Sox went 188-136 including winning 6 games this post-season, the best they’ve done since 1995.

Fire Grady Little? I say nay…