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Recall Anyone?

13 October, 2003 (02:11) | Sports

As you know, I’m not happy with the Red Sox or Yankees after game 3. Today was a chance to put it all behind, but instead, we get a Yankees press conference demanding an apology, a Red Sox press conference refusing to apologize, vilifying the Yankees bullpen, and admitting that the problems were both sides faults, and a continuing investigation into the fray in the Yankees bullpen.

That, however, was not the worst part of Sunday’s affairs. No, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg verbally attacked Pedro for defending himself against Don Zimmer. This in and of itself, I can understand, because I think Pedro should’ve found a better way to deal with the charging bull too. It is not, however, his duty to do this during a press conference before the Columbus Day Parade… Way to get off topic, asshole. Hell, Rudy Giuliani would’ve had more common sense than that.

You know what? I demand a recall. If it worked in California, getting a personable official who can handle the media properly, even if he can’t run his or her office well, then, god dammit, NYC needs a new mayor. Either that, or its current one needs to go to anger management and perhaps get a life.