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I have a friend…

8 October, 2003 (23:27) | Sports

I have a friend, a Yankees fan,
who riles me up whenever he can.
He tells me how the Red Sox suck
and how they’re cursed with real bad luck.
He said his Yanks just can’t be beat;
not with Damon off his feet,
with Byung Hyung Kim out in the pen
and with a tired group of men.

But as you know, the Yanks aren’t fine.
Their winning ways look to decline
as defense wains and pitching falters
and Yankees fans pray at their altars.
Yes, it’s true! They’re all false gods,
blessed with brilliant Vegas odds.
But, tonight, their weakness showed
as they lost in their abode.

The underdog, whose ragtag team
had eyes that hungered with a gleam
for one more round of playoff ball,
one desire I recall
had carried them past round one’s whole
that they had dug within my soul
and every fan’s that died with shock
when they survived; our brave Red Sox.
And so tonight, with little chance,
as Yanks fans watched, their eyes askance,
the knuckleballs of Wakefield fluttered,
and the Sox hit Muss’s cutter,
and the bullpen pulled them through
for victory long overdue.

And in New York, I hear them say,
“There’s 6 games left, who needs today…”
but in his heart, my friend knows fear
for it is the Red Sox’s year.