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Media Shuns

3 October, 2002 (10:06) | Media

The biggest problem I have with the media is their lack of honesty. I know we think that newspapers don’t lie, but nationalism alone has created terrible bias. Even when we listen to the BBC, which brings us a much more real view of the world, bias affects it. What’s worse is that I, regardless of how much I want not to be, am biased.

I may be a tool for the media someday, and the fact that I am opinionated bothers me. I want to tell the truth, and I try to every time I say something, but I can’t prevent myself from changing things from what the really were to what I remember them being. I can’t even trust my own memory.

I figure that, as an extremely good liar, I’ve told some lies that I now hold as truth. Maybe some of my memories aren’t real. Maybe some of the experiences I’ve had never happened. Sure, I have pictures and letters and all sorts of evidence, but who’s to say I didn’t fake it in order to convince myself of their reality.

Of course, this debate is the root of my morality. I hate the past because I can’t trust it, and I hate the future because it’s unknown. All we can do is live in the present. I have friends who hold grudges for weeks and years, but I have trouble holding a grudge for a matter of hours. Sure, I can still explain why I was mad, but it’s not important once it’s gone. You live, you learn, you move on… Alanis forgot that last part.

Random Thoughts

If the Rangers resign Ivan Rodriguez, I propose they change their slogan to, “You may have more pudge, America, but ours is cooler.”

I’d totally have kids by now if it weren’t for the whole woman thing.

How can death be a part of life if death is the absence of life?