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Fanaticism Beyond Reason

30 September, 2002 (17:45) | Sports

Sometimes I look at myself and see an incredibly stereotypical male, especially when it comes to sports. I seem to have that typical male intensity that is lacking in the rest of my life when I’m watching or playing sports. The other day, my roommate Pete was laughing at how I was going nuts during the Pats game. He said it was so typical how I tried to make calls from my couch that were in favor of my team.

My aunt Lynn is from Buffalo, but she refuses to root for the Bills when they play the Broncos since the Broncos actually won a super bowl since she’s been living here. It’s strange how allegiances change so arbitrarily. The Broncos used to be my most hated team because of Bill Romanowski, but he was traded to the Oakland Raiders during the off-season and now they have to be my most hated team, even though my favoritist player of all-time, Jerry Rice, plays there.

It’s even harder with Bledsoe traded. I’m so conflicted. I didn’t want Bledsoe to go, but I didn’t want Brady to go either, and it was obvious they couldn’t both stay and be happy. I’m happy Bledsoe is doing well with the Bills, and they’re now my second favorite team, but I wish he could’ve stayed with the Pats at the same time.

I guess I’ll never quite understand my love of sports, but at least it’s good for something: annoying people who don’t care.