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Priority Number One

18 October, 2002 (19:42) | Growing Up

Everyone always questions their priorities. “If I’m concentrating on this, am I neglecting that?” so on and so forth. My personal philosophy is to pick one thing and concentrate on it until either it’s finished or you can’t work on it anymore. It doesn’t matter what. If I’m writing, and a song comes on, I ignore the song until I’m done writing.

Of course, some people think this is bad because I may ignore a fire to write. I can’t ignore a fire. That falls under the “you can’t work on it anymore” clause. I doubt you could work on something while your house is burning down, or the kid next to you is dying of a stab wound…

Anyway, the point is that I don’t know what my top priority should be. Today, I worked with a fever of over 100, even though I could’ve called in sick or gotten someone to cover the second half of my shift. I put my job in front of my health. Now, I’m suffering for it.