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The Winds of Change – Part I

16 October, 2002 (18:04) | Growing Up

It’s strange. My life was constantly changing so drastically and radically that I just wished I had some continuity in it. Now, I have continuity, but I’m unhappy. Of course, all this is moot since I don’t really have continuity at all.

Sure, I have a steady job that isn’t going anywhere, and my life seems ever unchanging and boring now that my friends have all disappeared like my money, which keeps the cast of characters to a minimum. It’s just not the continuity I was looking for. Those friends whom I can depend on, I won’t be able to for long due to varying circumstances, and new friends are few and far between, and definitely no dependable at this point.

The worst part about having an unchanging life is that I live it in unending fear. The fact is I was happy when it was changing, and the direction it’s going in now is by no means good. If this continues, I’ll be broke, in debt, and lonely for a long time. Thank the god I don’t believe in that I don’t believe in fate, otherwise, I might think I’ve earned this.

Responsibility: Work or Friendship?

I hate when two different things you like and care about come together and clash. My friend Matt works with me. Management doesn’t think Matt is fast enough at work. When he’s in, we run behind and late even though he does a stellar job. When I speak with our boss, I have to say that he needs another chance or more leeway, since I know he doesn’t have another job and needs this one, but if he stays it hurts me, causing me to stay 2-4 hours late to finish my stuff because I have to pick up the slack for him.

I know he’s not happy with the job, since he feels that kennels are inhumane and doesn’t see this as an opportunity to make them more humane. He hates the work, finds it boring and mundane, and on top of it, he’s not all that good at it. I know he’d be happier with another job.

Personally, I’d like to see both sides come out happy, with Matt at another job, but not gone until he finds one. Still, is it my place to tell management they should fire him, or should I attempt to prolong the pain at my expense? That, my friends, is the question at hand.