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We Make Great Pets

8 October, 2002 (21:48) | Growing Up

So I’ve decided that pets are training for the real world. Just like school is supposed to prepare you for jobs, pets are supposed to prepare you for relationships. You find one you like, quickly find yourself loving and caring for it, and you accept full reasonability for it, even going so far as to sacrifice parts of your life.

Sure, it’s not the same as a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it’s surprisingly similar if you throw out the sex part (and for those perverts out there, even with the sex part I’d assume). When you’re away from your pet, you miss it. It makes you feel good to give it treats, and when you need a some comfort, it’s there for you. In addition, no two pets are the same. If one dies, the next one can’t really be a replacement (though some sick people do that). Most of all, pets get jealous, just like girlfriends. If you’re messing around with another dog, yours is surely going to do something rash.

I think everyone should have a pet. I would bet it encourages normal interaction and speeds up the maturing process for, once you have a pet, you change and grow in order to deal with the responsibility. Sure, not everyone should get one, but most people should. Especially anti-social and lonely people. The only downside is encouraging “Cat-Lady Syndrome,” or the idea that pets can replace normal relationships and will actually be better than human friends and human interaction.