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The Earthquake that Changed the World

5 March, 2014 (06:14) | Creativity


It wasn’t a minor tremor barely felt. It wasn’t a raucous shimmy that shattered every pane of glass. It wasn’t a rumble that sent people running for doorways and diving beneath tables.

It was simply a shrug. Two shoulders, a sigh, and a quick spin.

All I saw were the backs turning.

That was the earthquake that changed the world.

They had valid points and plenty of reasons, and those I don’t begrudge them. I didn’t need to hear their reasons, their excuses, their futile attempt to assuage their guilt.

I expected that they would embrace me the way I had embraced them. That they would lift me back up from where I had fallen as I know I would do for them. I expected something more than excuses and a shrug. A kind word. A sympathetic ear. Anything.

But it didn’t come. And it shook me.

I never asked for anything in return when they asked for help. And yet here I was, in need, unsure, helpless, for the first time I could remember, and they shrugged. And it shook me.

That was the earthquake that changed the world.

Suddenly, with the walls crumbling around me and my resolve fleeing, that last bastion of support, the one I dreaded crawling toward, the one I tried so hard not to use, knowing it would always be there, because that was exactly what they had told me over and over when I didn’t need them, when it didn’t matter, when I could hold myself up…

Suddenly, it wasn’t there. And they were liars, and false prophets, and all the things I knew in my heart they could never, should never be.

That was the earthquake that changed the world.

All the maps I had drawn in my head, the masses I trusted to be there when I sent myself afloat across the oceans, the rocks and pillars that promised a new life, or at least a safe haven, they dissolved in the water, washed away in my tears.

The truths and facts I knew came undone, the faith I had invested went unreturned, and the borders I had carefully respected turned out to be empty falsified lines marked the edge of an expanse so vast I couldn’t even see the other side anymore. My pangea had divided, spreading across the globe, torn asunder like a virtual tower of Babel.

That was the earthquake that shook the world.

But there, in the aftermath, among the ruins of my life, there was a light. It shone from unexpected corners, from the dimmest furthest reaches of my existence. And it shone brightly.

I felt hands reach through the rubble, calm, loving voices carrying through the pain and the anguish and the fear. I felt cradled and caressed, the dust brushed off, my aching back soothed, and a warm, beautiful embrace take me. And the eyes that met mine, the faces that smiled back at my ugly, crying face, weren’t the ones I expected.

But they were there. They were there for me, and I love them ever more for it.

That was the earthquake that changed the world.

My map had been redrawn, my borders reexplored. I found allies where I thought only neutral states existed. I found aid exploding from empty waters, molten, hot, and soothing. I basked in their steam, amazed at what had grown where I thought there was nothing.

That was the earthquake that changed the world.

And it will never be the same.