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Cocoa is for Closers

6 January, 2014 (20:18) | Skiing

You know how often I get that question? “Can we have hot cocoa now?”

The answer is no. You can’t. There’s no cocoa for you.

Cocoa is for closers. No cocoa til the end of the day.

Why not now? Is it the end of the day yet? Then no cocoa.

And I’ll tell you something else: when you wait until the end of the day, the cocoa, it just tastes better.

Sure, you could have cocoa right now, but it would be just cocoa. At the end of the day, it’s more than just cocoa; It’s cocoa plus.

It’s coca plus every inch of mountain you conquered. It’s cocoa that rips to the center of your well-earned frozen core. It’s cocoa that courses through your veins one powerful pump of your heart at a time. And it’s cocoa that sits in your memory, the sweet chocolate finale on the powdery brilliance you left lying in your wake.

So go ahead.

Ask me again.

“Can we have hot cocoa now?”


Cocoa is for closers.



  • Lena

    My husband and I have been trying to figure out where this dialogue came from. We both remember it for some reason, but searches for it only lead to scenes from Glengarry-Glen Ross and an SNL skit. Can you enlighten us?

  • Ben

    Coffee is for Closers is the Glenngary Glen Ross speech by Alec Baldwin. This was written by me. I work as a ski instructor at a smaller resort in Colorado and try very hard to make cocoa something my kids earn.

  • Lena

    Thats so strange!! I could have sworn this was from a movie. We have been saying “cocoa is for closers for a while now, now knowing where it came from. We have never seen Glenngary-Glen Ross, and the SNL thing never actually says ‘cocoa is for closers.’ Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Ben

    Great minds think alike. I’ve been using the phrase since midway through my first season, but this was the first time I published it. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with that sort of mentality! I hope you’re out earning your cocoa!