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Sketches of Halloween

31 October, 2013 (09:05) | Sketchbook

Happy Halloween!

Late on the night of All Hallows Eve, filled with the things no eyes can perceive, she waltzed in the road with nary a care; of monsters and frights she wasn't aware.

Deep in the dark, hidden away, waiting for night to come out and play, his stomach did rumble a hungry appeal; her soft, supple flesh would make quite the meal!

When Miranda requested a vampire, it was another ho-hum request I had drawn a thousand times. Instead of labeling it simply with a single phrase, I decided to write a short poem for it. It then spiraled into two pages and another picture, but it’s definitely my favorite Halloween themed drawing I’ve done.

The other pictures I’ve dawn for Halloween have been fun and weird, but none have quite had that enamored me. Twice, I’ve drawn graveyards. A dozen times I’ve drawn zombie this or that (including woodchucks, bears, football players, myself, and more). Vampires, pumpkins, candy, and costumed heroes have been common requests recently.

Dead Rising.

It’s always weird when you have elementary school kids arguing about whether it’s true they’ve seen The Walking Dead or World War Z. Half the kids want scary Halloween stories and pictures, and the other half ask not to tell them because of nightmares. It’s a hard balance to strike, especially since I was never prone to nightmares. I empathize, but I take such joy out of grotesqueries and dark tales that I want to share, despite knowing and arguing against it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it on my own time.

Vampire Benny