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4 October, 2013 (12:59) | New Media

It snowed this morning.

It’s the first snow in Boulder this season, though we saw some in the mountains last week. Most people knew it was coming, though some, I’m sure, were caught off guard, expecting several more weeks of Indian Summer or at least the paltry semblance of Autumn with which Colorado likes to tease us.

My social network feeds are covered with extremists. It’s somewhat of a surprise, given that Boulder received maybe 2 centimeters of snow overnight. Josh reacted with sarcasm, “and now it is snowing.” He has a right to be skeptical, as even the small amount of snow and cold inhibits his continued cleanup of antediluvian Lyons. “It’s still to early for snow. Snow now is like Santa Claus before Thanksgiving,” my friend Chris wrote. This caught me off guard as Chris is a former coworker from Eldora and spent the last two Winters working at Alta. “Oh joy. it is snowing,” my former roommate kvetched, only to follow up with a real complaint about a bad driver hitting his car overnight. “Winter is bullying fall today. Not nice,” Jessica joked.

I couldn’t even tell it had snowed when I woke up; I had to sit up in bed, crane my neck for a better angle out the window, and look a good 30 feet away to see our weed-covered lawn peppered with white. For this, I’m being inundated with complaints and praise?

Of course, it’s a bit more obvious that it snowed than that the government has shut down, the other major story that’s flooding my feed. Whether it’s blaming the Tea Party, hating or loving the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, or pointing out how the shutdown actually affects people (furlough days, national parks and riverscoast guard search and rescue, NASA/scientists, and a lack of updated weather from NOAA), every post not about snow seems to be focused on our brilliant political leaders and their economic quagmire.

But for everyone in Colorado, it’s all about the snow. “Steamboats gotten a foot….. Sooooo jealoussss,” Scott, another snowboarder, said. A foot is something to get excited about. Hell, anything more than 6 inches is worth getting excited about (right?). “Snow!!! I’m calling it an early birthday present!” cried Brittany.

Which brings me to ambiguity (or perhaps objectivity, since that’s really as close as we can get). “Welcome to October. Here’s your door prize: SNOW!” wrote one friend. “Snow…” simply stated another. 

I love snow. I describe myself as a ski instructor. I take crappy paying jobs with flexible hours to be able to flee into the mountains each winter. I stopped counting my ski days because keeping track of over a hundred days every Winter is a chore. Yet I’ve never bragged or posted about snow like that (I just double checked my feed all the way back to 2009 to confirm this statement).

As much as I love snow, I’ve never felt the need to broadcast my love. I’ve never struck up antithetical arguments to the weather, something completely out of my control. At least with the government shutdown, there might be something I could personally do (though I have no clue what that might be).

Snow, however, just happens.

Tonight, I’m getting together with several friends for a bathrobe adorned White Russian Fest known as our sporadically annual Big Lebowski night. Across town, however, several of my friends and coworkers are celebrating something else white. “Yay for Snow! First day of snow party is on – tonight!” I may not post about snow, positive;y or negatively, but at least that I can somewhat understand.

Snow. It’s as good a reason as any.