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Sketches of Summer V

6 September, 2013 (09:09) | Sketchbook, Work

For context, read
Sketches of Summer I

Barfing Unicorn - Taking the Corn out of the Unicorn.
Requested by Isabelle.

This is the final set of sketches from the summer. So far this fall, I haven’t been able to draw much at the after-school program. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to collect a few of my favorites, but it’ll be few and far between.

Angry Bull - Mess With the Bull, Get The Horns
Requested by Mario.

Baby Monster HunterRequested by Connor.

“I want a baby fighting a monster.”


“And the baby has to win.”

“But of course. Monsters never win against babies.”

Monster Thor
Requested by Alex.

“I want a monster with a nose ring. And he’s holding a hammer.”

“What kind of monster?”

“I don’t know. Do whatever.”


“Wait, is that Thor? What’s the hammer say?”

“What do you want it to say?”

“I want to know what it says.”

“It says whatever you want it to say. It’s made up.”

“Oh. Then it says ‘Protects best against humans in your closet.'”



  • Jess Newman

    Monster Thor has a radish growing out of his head.

  • It’s not radish at all. Nearly all my pictures are in black and white, no color.

  • Jess Newman

    I know it’s a horn, it’s just kind of chubby in the middle. It looks like a radish growing upside down. Which is more entertaining and unusual than a horn, so I choose to think of it as a radish.