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Enjoy the Little Things

25 July, 2013 (21:16) | Creativity

“How dare you!” I screamed across the chasm.

The fan just continued to twist and spin. It gently blew, indifferent to my rage.

I seethed at it. How DARE it demand that I crawl from beneath my covers and walk across the room!

For a moment, while the fan spun away from me, in that perfect second of stillness, I was warm and comfy in my bed.

As quickly as it came, the fan spun back, assaulting me once more with its frigid gales. I writhed, reaching for my covers, ready to shirk the flimsy cloth protection of my sheet for a full-on wind bath. As my fingers closed around the lip of the cloth, I was suddenly caught with a realization. There, beside me, on the small stool-that-would-be-a-nightstand, sat the remote for the fan.

I flashed back a year, two, and found the moment of the purchase firmly within my mind’s eye.

“How decadent,” I opined to my companion at Costco. “It’s a fan with a remote. Who would ever need a remote for a fan? That’s such an absurd luxury.” My friend laughed. I snagged a box containing the remote enabled fan and extolled that I would never be the one to be that lazy.

Now, as I cringed at the thought of revealing my shivering corpse to the aerial assault of the fan, I quickly snatched the remote with a gleeful squeal.

“AHA!” I cried, “I WIN!” I pressed the power button and watched as the fan slowly wound down, the pale orange light of life dying from its LED eyes.

I sank down in glorious comfort, wrapping the sheet around me. I basked in the warmth, my mind alight with the sense of victory. My vanquished enemy hung limp and lifeless nearby, its breath expelled for the final time.

This, my children, was a triumph most worthy, the night I used the remote to defeat the fan and claimed dominion over the element of air.