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Music for the Temporally Impaired

21 September, 2012 (06:57) | Media

My friend Gina, with whom I traveled in India, runs a slick music blog. This month is Guest Month, and for the next five days, I’ll be filling in, starting with two Boston bands I’ve been listening to for ages. Gina’s got a great ear and tries to stay up on some of the best new stuff. She’s introduced me to many bands and has been one of my go-to music sources since leaving Radio 1190, quitting my music sales job, and having to rely on word of mouth from friends to find new stuff.

If you’re like me and rarely have time to go find new music, picking out a few good music blogs is key to finding joy in dissonance and resonance. Definitely go back and check out Boulder-local Paper Bird and Colorado-native Elephant Revival (posted last week by guest blogger Josh), Ladyhawke and Ladytron (posted by guest blogger and traveling companion Emilie), Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr (posted by guest blogger Dan Kuester), and many of the other sweet songs she’s linked.