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Breaking Up Is Never Easy

2 October, 2011 (11:52) | Sports

Dear Terry,

Over the span of our relationship, we’ve certainly had our ups and downs. The last stretch has left us so discombobulated, I simply don’t think we can keep doing this. But it’s not your fault. I know it’s not your fault. Theo, our buddy who hooked us up in the first place, has been telling everyone it’s not your fault. If anything, I think this decision is best for both of us.

When we first got together, I was in a vulnerable spot. I had just gotten out of a volatile relationship with this pretty Little thing. We had been hot and cold for a couple of years, and the potential of our pairing was finally on the brink and coming out in ways I had always hoped it would. I know we scored more that last summer together than I could have hoped for.

One night in October, while playing with my little Pedro, things just started to feel awkward. Little Pedro was clearly tired, but after urging from my inexperienced significant other, we kept working him. Needless to say, the outcome wasn’t pretty and I was left sore. For me, it was the last straw.

I felt terrible ending it and I wasn’t sure where things were going to go from there. I spent the winter soul-searching and watched my ex land with in a new relationship out in LA. Theo, the good guy that he is, stayed positive. He reminded me that I had made a lot of positive changes since we had met and encouraged me to make more.

And then we met.

Theo told me about your history, that you’d been in a serious relationship in Philadelphia that never really went anywhere. He told me about the years you’d spent in that special situation in Cleveland trying to get your bearings. And he told me he thought you’d be a good fit. You were clearly more experienced than my previous lifemate, and your firm confidence was extremely attractive.

I was in a bit of a wild phase and we instantly gelled. That summer was epic, and by the time the chill of autumn rolled around, I had high hopes for where things were going. We had a rocky seven days in October, but just as I began to worry that our relationship might end prematurely, we came back stronger than ever, perhaps stronger than anyone had before. It felt so surreal after that, like we might be destined to be together forever, like Bobby and Atlanta.

By the end of that first year, we were on top of the world and I was hooked on you, Terry. That pretty Little thing was just a memory, and I knew we were destined for greatness together.

The next year, you had some health problems, and we returned to earth. I couldn’t imagine not having you there with me, but our relationship wasn’t the incredible fated love it had felt. All relationships have their good times and bad times, and our good times were great while our bad times weren’t that bad. For someone who’s gone through as much heartache as I have, it was perfect.

This last year, I felt like we would be an unstoppable force. We went through a rough patch at the beginning of the summer, but we righted the ship before things got ugly. That’s been the beauty of our relationship. We’ve overcome hardships and enjoyed success where others might crumble.

This fall, when aches and pains slowed me down, you stood by me, stayed as positive as you could, and I know we tried our best. But I needed more than you could give me.

Terry, we’ve grown complacent in our love. I no longer feel that spark I felt at the beginning. You know my habits, both bad and good, and I know you’ve given me leeway where perhaps you shouldn’t have. And I know you’re great and amazing and I may not be able to find someone who’s as good as you are.

It’s time we parted ways.

This is something we both need. For the last eight years, you were exactly what I needed. You were strong and smart and took care of me when I needed it. You were there for our greatest successes and for our more mortal failures. In many ways, we were in the right place at the right time and lead to some great times.

But it’s time for a change for both of us. It’s what I think is best and I think you feel the same way.

I know you will land on your feet with someone else, and while they may not be as popular, or famous, or rich as I am, I know you’ll be happy with them, hopefully as happy as we were at times. I’m sad that our relation ship has to end, and end on such a sour note.

I will always have a special place in my heart for you, Terry, and I wish you all the best wherever you find yourself next.

Love always,

The Boston Red Sox

Terry Francona, former manager of the Boston Red Sox, as shot for Sports IllustratedTerry Francona, former manager of the Boston Red Sox, as shot for Sports Illustrated.