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New Growth

5 February, 2011 (21:10) | Creativity

It’s still nearly a month away, yet the anticipation is palpable. Several of my colleagues have been sporting telltale signs of the coming trend. I myself have fallen prey to early preparation.

Indeed, next month will usher in the return of March Moustache Madness among the Eldora instructors.

Today, I was home sick, but by midday I felt much better. In feeling better, I also felt worse, the lack of activity driving me to clean my room, fix my computer, repair my sink, shop for groceries and needed gear, ship a package, and, perhaps most importantly, design the March Moustache Madness posters I’ll plaster around the locker room.

As excited as I am for the event itself, I’ve been slowly letting my upper lip hairs grow lengthy and it pains me. I love having facial hair, and I hate shaving, but when my whiskers grow long they present problems.

Firstly, with the spat of illness I’ve had, it’s impossible not to get snot, boogers, and all sorts of nasal discharge caught in aforementioned matrices. I feel like I spend more of my time, and waste more tissues, just remaining clean and presentable. Even with shorter, more kempt facial hair it happens. I would often shave my upper lip completely or, at the very least, trim it down until it was very short when I was sick. But growing it out currently is important to me, so I’ve suffered through it.

Secondly, it’s not exactly pleasant having hairs hang over my upper lip. When I keep my hair well-kempt, it’s not an issue. Even when I’ve let it get a little longer, I usually use a pair of scissors to trim just above the lip. By doing so, it keeps food from getting caught, my lips from being tickled, and, given the winter and my job, ice crystals from from forming so easily. Now, however, it’s simply a pain in my ass.

Thirdly, I simply don’t like the way it looks. I have visions of how my moustache will look when properly groomed and taken care of, but for the moment it’s just this thick, bristling growth winding its way outwards. It’s not long enough to form into a masterpiece and yet too long to be comfortable. In many ways, it’s simply more work than it’s worth.

Of course, with a dapper hat in hand, a nifty pair of suspenders and the appropriate moustache-styling techniques, it will all be worth it.

Until then, I’ll just have to be satisfied with an awesome ad campaign adapted from the Moustaches Make a Difference Movember campaign: