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Fuck You Facebook

8 December, 2010 (16:57) | New Media

Facebook is Evil.

I was halfway through writing something of value when my rage and anger got the better of me. Instead of that, I’ve decided to rail against Facebook for a few minutes, if for no other reason than to vent.

As I slid to various websites doing research, my facebook user icon kept popping up in bars. “You have 7 friends who have liked our site! Like it now too!”

FUCK YOU, FACEBOOK! I placed my information on your site with only a modicum of interest in privacy. I expected that you would store that info and if people went to your site and looked, they would find that info. I adjusted my privacy settings when you warned me to, making sure that my info wasn’t too publicly available, but I never once said you can attach yourself to my browser no matter where I go.

I’m sorely tempted to simply delete my facebook account, and, if they had a human performing even a semblance of customer service, I’m sure they’d tell me that’s my perogative and I could certainly do so.

What irks me is the way the constantly piss on our expectation of privacy.

Facebook is a business, and information is their business, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised. In addition, we pay nothing for it, so we should have no expectations of service. Looking at other services, like Twitter or Yahoo or even Google, the information they collect isn’t so blatently thrown in my face.

I love statistics. I love what they can tell us, how they indicate trends, and what sort of conclusions (or correlations, if you’re more cautious about their use) can be drawn from them. I fully support the collection of anonymous statistics for the betterment (and even the supposed betterment) of mankind.

The key word there is anonymous.

Collect your data. Use it how you will. But if I see you using it without asking me first, fuck you.

So Facebook, if you’re out there listening, I want you to stop fucking using my data as if it were yours. Or, at the very least, don’t let me know that you’re doing so.

In the meantime, fuck you, Facebook, and the programming language you wrote in on.



  • Kat

    I agree. It is so obnoxious that Facebook is fucking everywhere. If I wanted to log into Facebook and see what my friends liked, I WOULD. Yeesh.

  • Ty

    As long as you are a member they have license to use all yo’stuff almost however they like: http://www.facebook.com/terms.php

  • Generally, when it comes to EULAs, I simply assume it’s the company covering their ass. I don’t expect them to actually abuse the rights I grant them.

  • Anonymous