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A More Perfect Union

30 May, 2010 (09:45) | Social Commentary

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“You,” she said, a wry smile slipping slyly across her face, “are a logistical nightmare.”

I can’t deny it. I’m rarely prepared and I like it that way. Though I may learn from my game-changing mistakes, I often choose to ignore the little ones that add just a touch of challenge. And while I don’t like being late, last minute is a very comfortable place for me.

“Don’t worry,” I assured her. “I’ve made some calls. I’ll know when and where the wedding is before it happens.”

“It’s in two days,” she reminded me, skepticism dripping from my mother’s lips with the acidity of a poisoned dagger.

“Don’t worry,” I repeated, my cock-sure delivery belying my ever pressing fears.

Today marks the unions of two of my close friends to their respective significant others. Sadly, the logistics prevented me from being in two states at the same time, so I had to choose between attending the wedding of Dana (pronounced “dah-nah”), one of my good friends from high school, to her quiet and kind fiance Doug and attending the wedding of Josh, one of my good friends post-college, to his demure and lovely fiance Laura. I can’t stress enough how difficult a decision that was to make. In the back of my mind, I had hoped that one wedding would be on Saturday and the other on Sunday so I could schedule a red-eye flight between Boston and Boulder to attend both. Alas, it was not to be.

I arrived in Boston confident that I was fully prepared for the glorious event to come. It wasn’t until I began to unpack, slowly dispersing my various accoutrements across my parents’ guest room that it dawned on me that I had, as I should’ve expected, forgotten things of import.

Missing from the collection of clothing and books I had dragged along were my dress shoes and, even more glaringly, the invitation to the wedding. My father wears roughly the same size shoe, so at least that error was easily remediable, but the invitation is a grander issue.

I wouldn’t think of disturbing Dana during her wedding preparations, so I decided I would rely on our mutual friends to inform me. They, of all people, might expect it, as I forgot my invitation to Emily’s wedding last fall as well and my friends graciously bailed me out. Of course, due to my lack of transportation and my reliance on the Sunday schedule of public transport, I showed up early enough to both take a stroll through Boston, read two chapters of a book in the public library (I would’ve read more, but they closed at 5 and kicked me out) and still ride the elevator up with the Groom’s parents as they arrived.

My friends are wonderful people and, as I had hoped, came through, informing me of the time, the place, and even avoided chiding my stupidity. So a big thank you to Josie, Gloria and Dara for correcting my failings when I needed them corrected most.

Though I’ve only met Doug on a couple occasions, all of them during my visit for Emily’s wedding last fall, I’m impressed that Dana has found a man who’s as sweet, kind, and caring as she is. It’s hard for me to put into words the happiness I’ve seen mirrored between them, and I can only hope that it continues to build and grow over time.

Josh and Laura, on the other hand, I’ve known as a couple. It’s difficult to remember them not being together, as they fit like pieces of a puzzle. The flaws of one seem tempered by the merits of the other. In many ways, their marriage exemplifies some of the best traits I saw in my grandparents’ union, finding balance in a world often lop-sided.

The Declaration of Independence claims the people have a right to the pursuit of happiness. It’s with great pride that two couples I know take a giant step towards succeeding today.

For Dana and Doug and Laura and Josh
on their wedding day.



  • jennyjenjen

    Ugh. Wedding season. Well, I mean, that draws complaints out of me all the time — congrats to your friends and hope you had a good time šŸ™‚