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How to Ignite a Zombie Part 3

18 February, 2009 (06:23) | New Media

Zombie Quickdraw

Some of you may remember my mentioning that I was doing a presentation at Ignite Boulder this month. Well that day is upon us!

Unfortunately, the event sold out in two days, so if you were hoping to make it, you’ve missed your window of opportunity. Luckily, the entire evening will be streamed LIVE on the Internet starting at 7:00 PM (9:00 PM EST).

If live streamed presentations about how you can ready yourself for the walking dead isn’t enough, there will be lots of interesting presentations on a variety of topics:

  • A needle in a stack of needles or getting people to notice you
  • The History of the Mustache (though it totally needs an O)

  • 10 Design Predictions for 1909… or so I reckon

  • The world is burning but I still have my yogurt
  • How to Sing Your Way out of Danger

  • Breasts and media’s obsession with them

  • New Music Biz Model: What Would a Crack Dealer Do?

  • Awkward Rules – rules for awkward situations

If that’s not enough to entice you, well pooh to you! See you on the other side!