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Relational Parachute

16 May, 2008 (08:32) | Story

(Image by Dan Winters)

I was on Cloud 9 when I met you.

It was incredible. Here we were in the stratosphere, so close your breath felt like a perfect breeze on my ear. I knew right then I was destined to fall for you.

It started slowly at first, but how quickly it accelerated. Physics states that the rate of acceleration when you fall is approximately 9.8 meters per second, but it felt faster–or maybe slower. I was so enraptured by you, time lost all meaning.

At first, the rush was amazing. Everything went by so fast, the entire world blurring around us as if it didn’t matter. I lost myself in your eyes and your it; in the beauty you brought to my life. But soon I began to feel as if I were adrift on the currents. I started to wonder who was in control–if anyone was in control.

That’s when the fear hit me. I was falling too fast; spiraling out of control. I could feel the pressure increasing from every angle. I tried to stop short, to save myself from the pain I knew was coming. Our relationship had reached terminal velocity.

I guess there was a little part of me that hoped you’d catch me. For a while there, I could feel you falling right along with me, our minds and bodies in sync. You must’ve been more resistant, or maybe you were simply more prepared. When I turned around, you weren’t beside me, and I felt lost without you.

So here I am, mere moments from my doom, scribbling on this little piece of scrap paper I found in my pocket as I wait to hit rock bottom. I’m not sure you’ll read this, if they even find my body, but I hope you do.

I want you to know I fell for you. And when I splatter into a million pieces that can never be put back together, it was for you. There’s nothing in the world that could’ve stopped me from falling for you.